Thursday, June 28, 2012


I spent most of yesterday feeling like this kid:

(For those of you who don’t know, that is from the movie Matilda.  The only time I have been grossed out by chocolate cake.)

I started out with breakfast – Greek yogurt, blackberries, fruit spread, and a piece of banana-pumpkin-zucchini-chocolate chip bread. 


About half-way through I was so full, but I made myself eat the rest, because I knew I would be hungry in an hour if I didn’t. 

I packed a wonderfully healthy and balanced lunch with snacks and then remembered that my co-workers were going out to eat for lunch. The chosen restaurant was an Italian buffet.  Enough said.

We had Courtney and her family over for dinner and Dan rocked out some enchiladas. 


Why is it that I never order enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant, but they taste amazing at home?


Angel food cake for dessert.  Thanks Courtney!


Yep.  Stuffed. 

Thought for the day

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  1. That's so funny..we make enchiladas at home all of the time but I never order one when we're out either! :)


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