Friday, June 15, 2012


Dan has a very labor intensive job where he works outside all day carrying heavy and dirty objects.  So naturally, during the summer months, by the end of the day he is a little ripe.  Then, most nights he comes home and does something else outside, like mow the yard, play basketball, or work on the boat.  Of course it doesn’t make sense for him to come home and take a shower when he is just going to get dirty again. 

This means that the amount of time I am around Dan post-shower is very limited.  Like usually just sleeping and in the morning before he leaves to go to work. When I give him a hug and kiss goodbye every morning I breathe him in and say, “Mmmm…Smell-Good-Dan is here.” 

Hey, I celebrate the little things. 

So you can bet I was really excited when Smell-Good-Dan came downstairs last night fully showered and ready to cook me dinner at 6:00.  We could actually sit on the same side of the table while eating.  Kidding.


(Apparently shirts are optional, but cut-off shirt tan lines are a must.)

Dan made another amazing dinner.  Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza.  I know, it sounds like the most unhealthy food imaginable, but if you use healthy(er) ingredients it isn’t all that bad. 


Cheers!  This is what dreams are made of.

Other Nourishment

I am starting to feel pretty good about what I am feeding the baby for breakfast and lunch.  Hopefully dinner will come around soon.

I had a happy face of a broccoli cheddar omelet and an everything bagel thin with a smudge of cream cheese for breakfast. 


Morning snack: watermelon, lunch: bologna sandwich with lots of pickles and veggies and dip, afternoon snack: Greek yogurt and peaches.



I have slowed down my pace on the treadmill to 5.8 mph.  Therefore it takes me a little longer to run 3 miles, but yesterday I did it while feeding my Revenge addiction. I only have 3 episodes left.  So sad.

Thought for the day

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