Saturday, June 23, 2012

Skin Check

First things first, a few house keeping items:

1. Go check out my guest post on how pregnancy changed my diet over at Living, Laughing, and Losing

2. A number of you have asked where I get my lunch to-go containers.  I ordered the re-usuable bags from Snack-Taxi.  I love them – they are cute and machine washable.  I ordered most of my containers from LapTopLunches.  I also love these, but rarely uses the entire thing because my lunch isn’t usually the shape of a laptop.  However, the different size containers are awesome.

Yesterday I did my pale-freckly-girl duty and went to my dermatologist’s office for an all over skin check.  I really should do this every year, but had dropped the ball the last few.  During my first prenatal appointment my OB/GYN gave me a once over and asked if I had seen a dermatologist recently  I said no, and she looked down at me and sternly said, “You should soon.  You really must keep up on these things.” 

Sigh.  I hate being scolded.especially when it comes to my health.  Also, according to my OB/GYN, the increased estrogen during pregnancy can potentiate the growth of any shady cells.  So, of course I made an appointment right away. 

Have you seen this “Dear 16 Year Old Me” video? 

Check it out.  It will make you want to grab a tissue and then your phone to call a dermatologist and make a standing yearly appointment.  I shudder at the number of bad sun-burns I have had in my life. 

My dermatologist gave me the all clear and took one biopsy of a spot on my shoulder that was bothering me.  He told me it was nothing to be concerned about – he was just being extra careful.  Whew.  Good for another year. 

Calories In

I am already doing a great job at Operation Crisper Drawer!  Yay!


Calories Out

As my dermatologist appointment was extremely early I hit the elliptical at work over my lunch break for 30 minutes. I can’t remember the last time I did the elliptical and although it doesn’t feel the same as running, my legs are definitely feeling it this morning.

Last night I enjoyed some time with family and friends at the Royals game.


Jessie and K-man.  Cute Kauffman story: when a stranger holds Hallaway Kauffman gets a really worried look on his face, yells, “Nooooo!!” and tries to get Jessie to hold her.  Sometimes he even says, “Momma hold.”  He trusts no one.  So cute and protective. 


Dan – Cody (brother in law) – friends of the family Derek and Greg


Hallaway and I chilled pretty much all night together.  Everyone told me I had a very cute baby.

Just in case anyone is keeping track, even though the Royals’ record is slightly under 500, I have yet to attend a winning game. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Thought for the day:

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