Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Kind of Father’s Day

On Mother’s Day Dan and I told our families that I was pregnant.  So  yesterday I was tempted to tell everyone we were having twins.  Hehehe.


Yesterday started off slow with sleeping in, house chores, etc. Then I finally hopped on the treadmill for a short 2 mile run. (Better than nothing.)

I told Dan I wanted to take him out to eat for lunch to celebrate his first Father’s Day.  He chose 54th St. Bar and Grill because we had a gift card burning a hole in our pockets.  It was perfect because the food was amazing and we were able to watch the first part of the Royals’ game.

Dan ordered some crazy tenderloin concoction.  He could barely handle the excitement. 


If there is a gyro on the menu, I really don’t have  a choice but to order it.

This was the first time we had gone out to eat by ourselves in quite awhile, so we used the extra alone time as an opportunity to talk  about what kinds of parents we wanted to be. We talked about what our parents did that we wanted to repeat. We also thought of a few new ideas.  I wish I had written them down, because I have a feeling we our going to laugh in the faces of our old-naïve-selves in a few months. 

After lunch we picked up my dad’s Father’s Day present in the fishing department in Wal-Mart


and hurried home to start dinner.  We invited my dad and grandpa up to our house for a Father’s Day dinner.


Dan whipped up a tasty batch of chicken fried steak and we enjoyed some quality family time (which means I didn’t think to take any pictures). 

Throughout the day Dan’s phone was buzzing with friends and family calling and texting to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  I loved to see his eyes light up and a smile cross his face when he said, “well, thank you.”  It was a wonderful day to remind me of how thankful I am for all the dads (and soon to be dads) in my life.

Thought for the day

I had to laugh when I saw this quote, because it reminded me so much of my dad.  When I was a teenager and would ask him for money to go to the movies or the mall he would always say, “Money talks.  Mine says ‘bye bye.’”  Hahaha.

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