Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making Running a Priority

Yesterday I slept in and told myself I would run on my lunch break.  As I was packing my stuff up for work I thought about how annoying it would be to have to take a shower again and get ready again, so I told myself I would run when I got home from work.  When I got home from work, Dan was already making dinner, so I told myself I would run after the food settled while watching the Royals’ game.

Then I fell asleep in the second inning of the Royals’ game and woke up again at 2 am.  Fail. 

It is SO easy to let running slip to the bottom of my priority list as the day goes on.  Having an excuse like my foot hurting also helps.  Lastly, having people who give me a worried, slightly judgmental look and ask, “you aren’t going to still run while you are pregnant, are you?” doesn’t help.  (I am looking at you, grandma) 

At the end of the day the answer, at least for me, is to get it out of the way first thing in the morning.  This means no more snoozing or letting sleepy Dan be in charge of the alarm. I have a few 5Ks coming up, but I think I need to sign up for a slightly longer race (10K?) to keep me motivated.  There is my plan and I am sticking to it. 

How do you make running or exercise a priority?


I received a mini-watermelon in my Door-to-Door Organics box, which at first I thought was a joke.  But, when I discovered I could cut it in half and eat it straight up I was pretty excited.


I added some applesauce, cinnamon, and Truvia to a bowl of plain Greek yogurt.  Served with whole grain cinnamon toast. 


Lunch was a breakfast cookie and overnight oats mixture.  I followed the basic recipe for the breakfast cookie, but then added a whole banana, chia seeds, and a few butterscotch chips.  The whole banana seemed to make it a little more mushy, so it felt like I was eating really think overnight oats.  Either way it was delish, and more importantly, it sounded good both while I was making it in the morning and when it was time to eat lunch.  Major win over here. 


I snacked on some veggies, ranch dip, and an apple in the afternoon, along with some cottage cheese. 


However, I was still starving when I got home from work.  Dan had told me he was going to use some stuff we had in the fridge to make dinner, so I let him roll with it. 


Thank goodness I did, because it was amazing.   Pork chops with carrots, onions, corn, and peas, smothered in a cream of mushroom soup sauce.  With every bite I thought, “I am so happy I married this man.”

Laugh for the day:


  1. I exercised the entire time I was pregnant and even walked 3 miles the day I went into labor. When I was doing that, I was going up to the rec center with one of my friends or my mom. Now, since it is summer, I have a walking buddy and I will run to her house and then we will walk. Keep running with Courtney when you get the chance. It's always more fun to exercise with somebody. Danielle

  2. I too ran up until about 8 months, then switched to a bike (only because the bouncing started to hurt my heavy tummy). As long as the doc doesn't see a problem, go for will make labor easier!! :)

  3. Too funny! Just yesterday a friend of mine told me that she ate a TON of watermelon while she was pregnant. She couldn't get enough of it!


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