Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Minute Crowd Feeder

While at work yesterday, I found out my cousins, who are in town from Texas, had a free night, so I invited them up for dinner.  By the end of the day the guest list grew to 10 – I love it!


However, I obviously didn’t have anything planned for dinner, and even though I love cooking, I would rather spend some quality time with a few things that I love more.  Like her.


Or him.


(Side story – you will only care if you are related to me or if you really love little kids. Kauffman loves to play with that door stopper by my back door.  Yesterday he played with it so much that it fell off.  He looked up at my dad and tried to stick it back on.  When that didn’t work, he gave my dad another scared look, then LICKED the end of it, and tried to stick it back on again.  Bahahaha.  Little kids are hilarious.)

I tried to think of something (that wasn’t pizza) I could order that everyone would like and wouldn’t taste like a ball of grease.  My sister mentioned fajitas and my go-to restaurant came to the rescue. 


Don’t worry if you are unsure if the guy taking your order on the phone understands you – that means the food is legit.

It was a great night.  After dinner we hung out in the living room and talked for a few hours.  Without the TV on.  I absolutely loved it.  Instead we were entertained by chatting about “hippie births” versus hospital births, eating the placenta, and the boys wrestling.


Grandma June brought chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  It was very difficult to stop at two. 


Other Eats

Breakfast: 2 eggs, bagel thin with a little cream cheese


When I was packing my lunch the ONLY thing that sounded good was cottage cheese.  However, when it was time to eat lunch the thought of cottage cheese made me want to run to the toilet.  So I went down to the cafeteria and bought this beauty.


A spicy chicken sandwich, with a side of pickles which tasted absolutely delicious. 

Lack of Run

I woke up yesterday with a tinge still in my foot, so I decided to give it one more day. I think that did the trick. I am excited to hop on the treadmill this morning and give it a try.

Thought for the Day:

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  1. Is it the kind of door stop thingy that goes doooiiinnngggg when you bend it? If it is I cant blame him. I destroyed many of those in my parents house when I was little.

    And your spicy/pickle/ice cream cravings are exactly what my cravings were with my daughter. :) Total heartburn about 4 months in!!


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