Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go Mongo

Last night Dan and I headed to BD’s Mongolian Grill to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  It has been years since we have eaten there, and I had totally forgotten how fun these places are!

For those of you who have not had the Mongolian grill experience: it is pretty much a buffet style restaurant, but the difference is that all the food is raw. 


The goal is to make a stir-fry like bowl.  You start out with meats (they have it all, chicken, steak, pork, sausage, shrimp, crab, calamari, etc.), add veggies (they have a wonderful fresh selection), and then lastly the spices and sauces. 


The restaurant we went to had pre-made sauces, but I have heard that some are more basic and have you create your own sauce.  Then you take your bowl full of raw food and hand it to the lovely gentlemen at the grill who cook it right in front of you. 


The grill guys were pretty entertaining.  I barely noticed I was waiting for my food to be cooked while they were throwing their sticks around and yelling crazy stuff. I also enjoyed reading the back of their shirts.  The one pictured above is a PG-ier version. 


Delicious.  I was quickly reminded how healthy these restaurants are.  YOU have complete control of what goes on your plate.  The only ify options are the sauces, many of which the nutrition information is listed on the menu.  Perfect.  This is a great place to go to load up on veggies and lean meats!  Dan and I decided that we will be returning soon. 

Random picture:


Margaret can’t get here soon enough.  Dan is already practicing with fake babies.  Hehehe. 

I went back and made a second plate, but after a few bites I heard Dan say something about Yogurtini.  As soon as I heard the Y-word I immediately stopped eating so I could save some room for heaven. 


Is it bad that I am more excited than the kids?  I just realized that I got a picture of the birthday girl’s husband (above with Dan) and her kids (above with me), but not her.  Sorry Hannah!   Silly me.  I think I was too focused on frozen yogurt. 


This time I went for quality over quantity and got less yogurt so I could have a little more toppings.  (Dulce de leche with Heath Bar and cookies and cream with cookies.)  I have been craving those animal cookies for weeks now and was so excited when I saw them! 

My head hit the pillow as soon as I walked through the door. 

A Few Other Eats

Breakfast was another boring bowl of cereal with a bowl of cherries as a morning snack.


I had some leftovers from Father’s Day dinner for lunch.  Corn and zucchini casserole and beets.


I didn’t run yesterday.  I was feeling woozy in the morning and then the day sort of got away from me.  However, I have a date today with The Bachelorette and my treadmill.  Can’t wait!

Thought for the day:

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  1. I haven't been to one of those Mongolian restaurants in a LONG time! I'm not even sure if there is one around us. Looks yummy!

    I get excited about froyo, too! :)


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