Friday, June 29, 2012

Fruity Celebration

Yesterday my work really impressed me.  We celebrated “Facilities Management Day” and instead of the typical cupcakes and punch or donuts and coffee they served fruit and bottled water.


How great is that? 

Now, I love sweets as much as the next girl (OK, maybe a little more).  However, if I am allotting the calories I want to savor the taste while celebrating with friends or family – not sitting alone in my cubicle.  Also eating cake in the middle of the afternoon pretty much guarantees mindless eating the rest of the day. 

The fruit with the yogurt topping was delicious (Kauffman’s new favorite word to describe food he likes), refreshing, and left me feeling just as celebrated as cupcakes would without the extra guilt.  Fruit FTW. 


3 miles while blog reading on the treadmill.  Today is an off day and tomorrow I an Color Running!

Other Food

Breakfast was two pieces of banana-zucchini-pumpkin-chocolate chip bread (please ignore the chipped plate). So good and filling.


I met my friend Julie for lunch at Whole Foods so I could share some of my (very limited) blogging knowledge with her. I think we made progress, and I always enjoy lunch out with a friend. 

download (1)

The salad left me wanting more, so I grabbed a Grapefruit Gelato bar for the drive back to work. 


So refreshing and perfect for a HOT day.  99 calories and I could read all the ingredients too.  Crazy. 

In the late afternoon I started not feeling so good and that feeling just got worse during the drive home.  I spent most of the evening on the couch sleeping or watching the Olympic Trials.

Dinner was a flavorful garden tomato with cottage cheese and an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers. 


An early bedtime was just what I needed, because I feel great this morning!  Happy Friday!

Thought for the day

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