Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15 Week Thoughts

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  • Is it weird that I can’t wait for my belly to get big so someone will rub / touch it with excitement? You know how most pregnant women complain about other women feeling they have the right to touch their bellies just because they are pregnant? I am one of those other women. I just can’t hold myself back when I see a new life growing.
  • I had a headache everyday last week when I got home from work, so I just went to bed.  (The reason for no 14 week update).  I have focused on drinking a lot of water throughout the day and eating a snack on my way home, which seems to be helping. 
  • I have had some CRAZY dreams and one of them was my first dream about the sex of the baby.  I was going to a birthday party, and in my uterus I had either a birthday present or a baby.  BUT, if it was a baby, I knew it was going to be a boy.  Unfortunately, I woke up before I found out if I was pregnant, or just really well prepared for the party. 
  • It may be too early to call it a comeback, but I have baked and cooked the last two nights!  Before now, the only thing I did in the kitchen after 5 PM was scrunch up my face and say “ewww” or “ugghhh” when Dan suggested a dinner idea. 
  • My clothes are getting tight.  Yesterday I had to suck in when I put on my biggest pair of dress pants.  Good thing my wonderfully awesome sister brought over the mother load of maternity clothes.  I am saving them for a day when I am in a really bad mood. 


  • I am super moody, or maybe annoyed is a better word, with everything.  Many times I have to hold myself back in conversations or re-read an email 10 minutes after I wrote it just to make sure I don’t sound like a crazy pregnant lady.  Except with Dan – he experiences full on crazy pregnant Racheal 24/7.  Lucky him. 
  • I am convinced that the dogs know I am pregnant.  They haven’t escaped from the yard in quite a while (unfortunately it used to be a weekly event) and they are staying even closer to me than normal. 
  • I have started to read birth stories during my breaks at work and every single time I end up crying.  It is an addiction. Someone please stop me.
  • I have discovered the best pregnancy website of all time – Pregnant Chicken (thank you Chessa).  If you are pregnant, or if you just need a good laugh, go there immediately. My favorite posts are Awkward Pregnancy Photos and New Dad Survival Guide (Dan loved this one). 


I bought a new jar of almond butter – so of course it was part of my breakfast.  So much better than peanut butter.


Talk about a comeback!  Lunch was my absolutely most favorite salad.  This is the first salad I have eaten in months. 


Also, my sriracha tolerance has greatly decreased.  I chugged 52 oz. of water while during lunch and went through 3 Kleenexes.  It was totally worth it.

Dinner was chicken and stuffing casserole (Dice chicken and mix with cream of mushroom soup at 350* for about 40 minutes.  Top with Swiss cheese, a box of stuffing, and a few T of melted butter.  Bake for about another 15 minutes.) with my first garden tomato of the season. 


I am so amazed at how much better it tasted than the ones we have been getting from Door to Door Organics.  The rest of the night I stared longingly at all the green-yet-to-be-red tomatoes in our garden begging them to grow faster.

I baked zucchini-pumpkin-banana-chocolate chip bread for dessert.  I started by doubling SkinnyTaste’s recipe, but didn’t have any applesauce.  So I substituted a can of pumpkin and 2 mushed bananas.  It had to bake a little longer, but still tasted great.


I may have been overly generous with the chocolate chips. 



I opted for a brisk walk with the dogs instead of a run yesterday.  It was a beautiful morning and a great way to start the day.  Weirdly, my shins are pretty sore. 


Thought for the day:


  1. LOVE your update pics;) I remember dreaming that (with my first preg.) that I delivered a healthy girl kitten! I kept her in a box in my closet!!! Aint pregnancy grand!? ps..I love touching a baby belly and never cared if someone rubbed mine.

    1. Thanks! Makes me feel like I am not a complete weirdo! :)


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