Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13 Weeks: Why I Switched to a Midwife

Last week I made the decision to switch my prenatal care from an OB/GYN MD to a certified nurse midwife.  It was a hard decision, because it wasn’t as if my OB had done something wrong.  She was very nice and lovely. 

However, once I started telling people  I was pregnant, more and more women would tell me how much they loved their midwives. How  they clicked with them the second they came through the door. How caring they were.  One woman even told me that if she moved to Japan she would fly back to the states to see her midwife if she became pregnant again.  That is dedication. 

I didn’t have that “click” with my OB and was very jealous when I heard the stories of the women who did.  She was very smart and analytical, but seemed to just be going through the motions and didn’t spend as much time with me as I would have liked.

Also, my sister, who is a nurse practitioner working with a midwife, explained it to me in a different way.  OBs and midwifes are trained completely differently.  OBs went to medical school and midwifes went to nursing school.  Typically (even though I hate to make generalizations) midwives are more caring and nurse-like than OBs.  But, she was quick to tell me that if my pregnancy was complicated in any way, an OB would be a better choice because they are trained to handle those types of situations.

I want to make it clear that I love MDs.   My really good friend Sarah is a MD (in an OB/GYN residency) and I have no doubt that she will be the most wonderful and caring practitioner.  However, she isn’t here right now.  Also, if I needed healthcare for any other reason, I wouldn’t worry if the practitioner was caring, I would want the problems fixed with minimum delays and would be very happy with whoever I saw.

But this pregnancy isn’t a health problem, it is a health celebration.  I want that extra attention, I want that extra caring attitude.  And I found it, as soon as my midwife walked through the door and I felt that “click.”  She sat down and talked to me for 30 minutes.  When she answered all the questions I had, she just started telling me questions other women have and the answers to them. She was more than wonderful.

If you have had a baby, did you have an OB or a midwife?  How was your experience?  Would you have changed anything?

IMG_1389   IMG_1392

Why I Have a Food Baby

I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves.


Run and Golf

Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and my foot feels great today. Holla!  Then last night I got in a little more activity when Dan and his friend Brad gave me a last minute golf lesson in the field next to our house.


Usually I am not patient enough for golf, but I think this baby is helping me out, because I greatly improved as the night went on.  (When you start out not even hitting the ball, you have nowhere to go but up.)


I had some wonderful teachers who told me I could probably be a pro if I improved by that much everyday.  Ha!


Such a great night!

Thought for the day:


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful experience with your midwife!

    Your lunch looks delicious and your hubby continues to crack me up! :)

  2. Congrats!! I had a wonderful and caring OB/GYN doc. I guess I lucked out with what it sounds like.

  3. Love the pregnancy pics!!! So cute! My daughter is 22 and way back then I had no idea that I had a choice! With my 3rd child (he is 12) at my first Ob/Gyn appt. I met a remarkable Nurse Pract. I had the 'click' with her and I demanded to see her every appt. I still had to see a Dr. at times. I see a midwife now for those wonderful yearly appts the we woman all love! Bottom what works and feels right for you and your baby!

  4. Yay, I'm so happy you had a great feeling after the switch. I have a midwife and I love, love, love her. Before my first appointment I had to go to an informational overview meeting on pregnancy with my practice and one of the triage nurses led it. She named off different doctors and how frequently a patient would expect to meet - some it was only 1 time per trimester, the rest was all handled by their nurses. The two midwifes at the practice were the only ones that insisted on seeing their patients at every visit. I already planned to have a midwife, but that cemented my decision!

  5. I had an OB. It wasn't a great experience, but he was an old man, and I was young (24), and didn't know any better. I LOVE the 13 week pictures of BOTH of you. Makes me giggle. I also love those stupid cinnamon almonds. Had to hide them! You look great!


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