Monday, June 4, 2012

11 Weeks: Baby Gifts

A few people have already given Margaret gifts!

Margaret's first gift was from Isabel, my friend from South Africa.  Here we are at Halloween.


She sent us the coolest box of South African fare that included a shirt for Margaret.  So little.  So cute.


During our weekend at the lake, Meg and Chessa gave me a few bottles of alcohol free wine.  Now, I know this may seem like a gift for me and not Margaret, but that is not correct.  Alcohol free wine = Racheal's mind tricked into relaxation = happy baby.  


When our friends Ryan and Hannah came over for dinner, Hannah brought the sweetest gift - a picture frame with the most perfect poem in it.  


I plan to put the ultrasound picture in the frame and hang it in the baby room.  That poem puts into words a lot of what I am feeling right now.

Other randomness: 

  • Speaking of how I am feeling - more energetic - finally!  I actually even had a hard time sleeping last night, which has been a huge rarity.  
  • I am convinced that the reason I was so tired was because all of my body's energy was going to work for my kidneys.  I am constantly making trips to the bathroom - at least 3 times per night.  
  • Yesterday I saw a blueberry and since then have been craving blueberry muffin mix.  Not the muffin, the raw mix.  Unfortunately, it contains raw eggs, which is a big no-no.  Sigh. 


  1. Have you tried the alcohol free wine yet? The hubs bought me that kind too, but I've been too afraid to try it, haha. I tried some St. Paulie Girl's NA beer, but it was no bueno :(

  2. Have a great Day! You look so happy ! Congrats

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