Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Foodie Pen Pal

The last day of the month is my chance to brag about all the yummy food I get to try because of Lindsay’s Foodie Pen Pal program

The Lean Green Bean

This month I sent a box of goodies over to Leila at Spinach and Skittles.  She is pregnant too, a few weeks ahead of me, and I am super jealous of her cute bump.  Check it out

I was lucky enough to get a nice box from Denise at Almasdays.


  • Usually I try not to eat the goodies that are sent to me until I write my posts, but failed this month. The box of cinnamon pecan cookie straws is empty and I ate a granola bar that wasn’t even pictured. Sorry – Margaret told me to. 
  • I love PB2, especially the chocolate flavor!  For those of you who don’t know, it is peanut flour, so when mixed with water, in yogurt, smoothies, etc., it has the peanut butter flavor without the fat and calories. 
  • I am really excited to try the mango and pineapple flavored coconut water – about the closest a pregnant girl can get to a pina colada.
  • The plastic box in the bottom left corner is a homemade macaroon from Denise’s local market.  That has been calling my name all week!  Well, that and the peanut butter pretzel truffle chocolate bar!
  • Lastly are two acai punch drink mixes.  Perfect for summer.

I also loved the card – how cute!  Thanks Denise!

Friday Food

Breakfast – everything but the kitchen sink bread, greek yogurt and blackberries.


Lunch and snacks


More snacks – have you ever tried carrots and peanut butter?  If not you are missing out.


“Danner” – Dan says that when he makes dinner it is no longer called dinner – I have to call it Danner.  Seriously.  I can’t make this stuff up. 


I will call it whatever he wants if he allows me to put on pjs at 7:30 on Friday night and watch the Royals game while eating carrot, potato, cabbage, and turkey sausage deliciousness. 

IMG_1620   IMG_1621

What? We are just practicing for life with a new-born.  Hehehe. 

Thought for the day

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fruity Celebration

Yesterday my work really impressed me.  We celebrated “Facilities Management Day” and instead of the typical cupcakes and punch or donuts and coffee they served fruit and bottled water.


How great is that? 

Now, I love sweets as much as the next girl (OK, maybe a little more).  However, if I am allotting the calories I want to savor the taste while celebrating with friends or family – not sitting alone in my cubicle.  Also eating cake in the middle of the afternoon pretty much guarantees mindless eating the rest of the day. 

The fruit with the yogurt topping was delicious (Kauffman’s new favorite word to describe food he likes), refreshing, and left me feeling just as celebrated as cupcakes would without the extra guilt.  Fruit FTW. 


3 miles while blog reading on the treadmill.  Today is an off day and tomorrow I an Color Running!

Other Food

Breakfast was two pieces of banana-zucchini-pumpkin-chocolate chip bread (please ignore the chipped plate). So good and filling.


I met my friend Julie for lunch at Whole Foods so I could share some of my (very limited) blogging knowledge with her. I think we made progress, and I always enjoy lunch out with a friend. 

download (1)

The salad left me wanting more, so I grabbed a Grapefruit Gelato bar for the drive back to work. 


So refreshing and perfect for a HOT day.  99 calories and I could read all the ingredients too.  Crazy. 

In the late afternoon I started not feeling so good and that feeling just got worse during the drive home.  I spent most of the evening on the couch sleeping or watching the Olympic Trials.

Dinner was a flavorful garden tomato with cottage cheese and an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers. 


An early bedtime was just what I needed, because I feel great this morning!  Happy Friday!

Thought for the day

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I spent most of yesterday feeling like this kid:

(For those of you who don’t know, that is from the movie Matilda.  The only time I have been grossed out by chocolate cake.)

I started out with breakfast – Greek yogurt, blackberries, fruit spread, and a piece of banana-pumpkin-zucchini-chocolate chip bread. 


About half-way through I was so full, but I made myself eat the rest, because I knew I would be hungry in an hour if I didn’t. 

I packed a wonderfully healthy and balanced lunch with snacks and then remembered that my co-workers were going out to eat for lunch. The chosen restaurant was an Italian buffet.  Enough said.

We had Courtney and her family over for dinner and Dan rocked out some enchiladas. 


Why is it that I never order enchiladas at a Mexican restaurant, but they taste amazing at home?


Angel food cake for dessert.  Thanks Courtney!


Yep.  Stuffed. 

Thought for the day

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15 Week Thoughts

IMG_1590  IMG_1592

  • Is it weird that I can’t wait for my belly to get big so someone will rub / touch it with excitement? You know how most pregnant women complain about other women feeling they have the right to touch their bellies just because they are pregnant? I am one of those other women. I just can’t hold myself back when I see a new life growing.
  • I had a headache everyday last week when I got home from work, so I just went to bed.  (The reason for no 14 week update).  I have focused on drinking a lot of water throughout the day and eating a snack on my way home, which seems to be helping. 
  • I have had some CRAZY dreams and one of them was my first dream about the sex of the baby.  I was going to a birthday party, and in my uterus I had either a birthday present or a baby.  BUT, if it was a baby, I knew it was going to be a boy.  Unfortunately, I woke up before I found out if I was pregnant, or just really well prepared for the party. 
  • It may be too early to call it a comeback, but I have baked and cooked the last two nights!  Before now, the only thing I did in the kitchen after 5 PM was scrunch up my face and say “ewww” or “ugghhh” when Dan suggested a dinner idea. 
  • My clothes are getting tight.  Yesterday I had to suck in when I put on my biggest pair of dress pants.  Good thing my wonderfully awesome sister brought over the mother load of maternity clothes.  I am saving them for a day when I am in a really bad mood. 


  • I am super moody, or maybe annoyed is a better word, with everything.  Many times I have to hold myself back in conversations or re-read an email 10 minutes after I wrote it just to make sure I don’t sound like a crazy pregnant lady.  Except with Dan – he experiences full on crazy pregnant Racheal 24/7.  Lucky him. 
  • I am convinced that the dogs know I am pregnant.  They haven’t escaped from the yard in quite a while (unfortunately it used to be a weekly event) and they are staying even closer to me than normal. 
  • I have started to read birth stories during my breaks at work and every single time I end up crying.  It is an addiction. Someone please stop me.
  • I have discovered the best pregnancy website of all time – Pregnant Chicken (thank you Chessa).  If you are pregnant, or if you just need a good laugh, go there immediately. My favorite posts are Awkward Pregnancy Photos and New Dad Survival Guide (Dan loved this one). 


I bought a new jar of almond butter – so of course it was part of my breakfast.  So much better than peanut butter.


Talk about a comeback!  Lunch was my absolutely most favorite salad.  This is the first salad I have eaten in months. 


Also, my sriracha tolerance has greatly decreased.  I chugged 52 oz. of water while during lunch and went through 3 Kleenexes.  It was totally worth it.

Dinner was chicken and stuffing casserole (Dice chicken and mix with cream of mushroom soup at 350* for about 40 minutes.  Top with Swiss cheese, a box of stuffing, and a few T of melted butter.  Bake for about another 15 minutes.) with my first garden tomato of the season. 


I am so amazed at how much better it tasted than the ones we have been getting from Door to Door Organics.  The rest of the night I stared longingly at all the green-yet-to-be-red tomatoes in our garden begging them to grow faster.

I baked zucchini-pumpkin-banana-chocolate chip bread for dessert.  I started by doubling SkinnyTaste’s recipe, but didn’t have any applesauce.  So I substituted a can of pumpkin and 2 mushed bananas.  It had to bake a little longer, but still tasted great.


I may have been overly generous with the chocolate chips. 



I opted for a brisk walk with the dogs instead of a run yesterday.  It was a beautiful morning and a great way to start the day.  Weirdly, my shins are pretty sore. 


Thought for the day:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Call Me Mary

My garden started out like this

and has grown to this!


Yesterday Dan and I picked two zucchinis and two tomatoes.  Our first loot!

I was quite proud.  There is plenty more where that came from.  Miraculously, every single plant has lived. I have had the rhyme, “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow” in my head all morning. 

I also noticed a bush on our back fence was producing something


which look awfully similar to blackberries!  I am so excited. 


And just because we are talking about plants – the beautiful flowers I see first thing every morning when I let the dogs outside.


I used the first zucchini to make zucchini bread.  I followed Paula Deen’s recipe and subbed shredded coconut and chocolate chips for nuts because I don’t like nuts in my breads. 


We took it to our friends house for dessert and it was gone within minutes.  Sadly, the hostess didn’t even get a taste.  I saved the other loaf for a special someone.

Other Foods for Margaret

Breakfast was two gloriously fresh and delicious peaches cut up with cottage cheese.  No sweetener required.


I grabbed lunch from work’s cafeteria.  The mother load of cauliflower and green beans and a jalapeno cheddar turkey burger on a whole what bun. 


Dinner was amazing and cooked by our friends.  Dan sweetly made my plate for me.


I ate 1/2 the pork chop, none of the stuffing, and all of the mashed potatoes and gravy.  Mashed potatoes and gravy >>> stuffing any day of the week.


I treadmilled it for 3 miles while catching up on all the blogs I didn’t read over the weekend.  Sadly, I didn’t even finish in 30 minutes!  A few of you have asked how I can read while I run.  It actually isn’t too difficult with my ipad.   However, once on vacation I remember seeing a woman read an actual book on a treadmill while running for over an hour.  That is talent.   I also don’t run all that fast, so my head stays pretty steady.  I suggest giving it a try – a great way to mix things up. 

Thought for the day:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Updates

Here are a few exciting things that happened this weekend.  None of which were running. 

1. Saturday I went to a family reunion.  It was great to see and catch up with all of my cousins. 


2. I made crunchy chicken salad slaw to bring. 


As there was quite a bit leftover, it was my next 3 meals.  Yes, you can have slaw for breakfast. 

3. Saturday night Dan hung out with his friends and I stayed home and finished reading Sisterhood Everlasting. 

I am so cool.  Reading a book on Saturday night.  Watch out now.  It was really good and I was crying my eyes out for the last few chapters. 

4. Sunday I was emptying the dishwasher and put away one of Kauffman’s sippy cups.  When I looked at it I was sad because I didn’t know the next time I would see him.  Then, literally 5 minutes later, Jessie called to see if I could watch him for a few hours. 
IMG_1539   IMG_1541

It was hot, so we played with the hose. 

5. Playing with the hose gave Dan the idea to go on a last minute boat ride.  I didn’t want to at first, but I was so happy we did.  It was a BLAST. 


Kauffman loved throwing rocks


swimming in the lake,


and feeling the wind in his hair. 


He even told Dan to go faster and when we started to slow down he yelled, “nooooo!”

6. After such a great day, Dan and I celebrated Sunday night by ordering fried pickles and watching The Hangover II.

I only laughed out loud twice, which is pretty much what I expected.  But, watching a movie was the perfect way to wind down the weekend. 

Here’s to a good, productive week!

Thought for the day

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