Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday I met my friend Meghan for lunch at a new-to-me restaurant called Unforked.  This restaurant is particularly special to me because it is owned by Sheridan’s, a frozen custard chain in Kansas City. 

Sheridan’s will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first employer.  I spent many of my teenage nights creating delicious treats.  I wish I had a picture of my uniform, because I looked super cool. 

Working at Sheridan’s was hands down the best job I have ever had.  The customers were excited to be getting ice cream and were always so polite and nice to me.  This was worlds different from my next job – retail pharmacy.  Not many people were excited to be getting medication, and those that were shouldn’t have been.  Reason #592 that I currently work in research. 

Back to lunch – it was great!  I was pleasantly surprised that Unforked supports local farmers and serves organic food.  Look at this sign - any business that can fit frozen custard, hand cut fries, local farms, and recycling on one sign is the type of business I love to support!


The menu was short and sweet, but it still took me a while before I decided on trying out two different tacos. 


The food was amazing!  So flavorful and fresh.  Another plus – Unforked lists their nutrition stats online, which is a rarity for a non-chain restaurant. 

If you live in Kansas City you need to check this place out.  If you don’t, I am really sorry.  Come for a visit.

Other Eats

Breakfast was some delicious overnight oats. 


I snacked on a pear before lunch and carrots after lunch. Dinner was a $1 hot dog (9) and some peanuts (4) at buck night at the Royals game.  I didn’t take a pic of the food because I had more interesting subjects.  <3


Good things I didn’t take a picture of the scoreboard.  I haven’t been to a winning Royals game this season.  I am officially bad luck. 


I am very happy to report a trauma free 3 mile run while watching Glee.  Nothing spectacular, but I am back in the game!

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown:

Daily points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (31) = 5

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