Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out with the Old


…and in with the new!


After the trail running and hiking in North Carolina my kicks were more than worse for the wear and in some serious need of replacement. After more miles than I would like to admit, I finally purchased a new pair of running shoes. 

I have a two step process for buying running shoes.  First, what shoes are on sale?  Second, of those shoes that are on sale, which color do I like?

I know, that officially makes me the worse running blogger in the world.  I know that I should go have my run / gait / arch measured and buy shoes that would fit me better.  But, one thing that I have always loved about running is that the equipment is minimal – all you need is you and the open road.  I also have been blessed to not have many foot, ankle, or knee problems and felt the shoes I had before we fine.  Also, my grandma gets me a new pair of running shoes every Christmas, so every other pair is complimentary. 

However, one of my friends recently bought shoes the lovely people at the running store recommended and she claims she feels “like she has a new set of legs.”  Now that would be nice.  Next time.


I enjoyed the same breakfast I did during the weekend.


Typical lunch.


One of our friends stopped by with some leftover salad that his mom made.  How sweet is that?  This salad was delicious and veggie packed. 


Combined with leftover Indian meant a flavorful dinner that I didn’t have to cook.  Very nice.


I didn’t run yesterday.  After gardening on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday my legs were sore and tired. I am also getting ready to go bust out 5 miles with Courtney, so I am super glad I took a break yesterday.

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown:

Daily points (30) – Eating Points (30) = 0


  1. That english muffin w/pb & j & banana looks pretty tasty...

    I'm new to running, so I just went to the running store where I had a groupon and they hooked me up. I liked two different ones and my husband decided on color - he wanted the ones that were not Ohio State red. (He is a U of Michigan Ulum!) ;-)

  2. Trevor gets jealous every Christmas, but then he never asks Grandma for shoes. He's so funny.

    What is it about tomatoes and cottage cheese? It makes me think of childhood, summer and my mom.


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