Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fruit Water

The past few days have been really hot in the Midwest, which always leaves me with a craving for lemonade.  In the past I would have made some Crystal Light lemonade and drank buckets of it all summer. However, I am trying to get away from large amounts of artificial sweeteners, so yesterday I made some fruit water instead.


I just sliced a lemon and an orange squeezed the juices out, and added about a half gallon of water.

The results was refreshing, flavorful and fantastic.  I bought that super convenient container at Target for the cheap.  I love that I can leave it is my fridge and fill up my glass whenever I like. 

The water was even fruitier this morning, but I wouldn’t leave it in there for more than a few days.  I know, from my extensive experience with sangria, that it can start to taste a little peely after a while. 


Courtney and I conquered a sweaty, hilly, hot 9 miles yesterday.  It felt so good to have my long run done and over with and the rest of the weekend ahead of me.


My before run breakfast was a little desperate for anything fast, but I felt fueled for the run.  I think it was probably the hotdog from the night before.


After I cooled down from my run I made myself a breakfast scramble.  It was a different flavor but hit the spot.


Lunch was a tuna salad with veg.


Dessert was delish.  A Blue Bunny coconut fruit bar. 


Highly recommended.

Dan and I met our friends Meghan and Nigel to celebrate Meghan’s birthday at a new to us restaurant on the plaza called Gram and Dun.

downloaddownload (1)

We were big fans.  I ordered the Bison Sloppy Joe and ate half of it, along with a handful of the chips.  Rich, but delish.

download (4)

Dan also ordered the crazy good dessert, which was similar to a homemade snickers ice cream bar.  I snagged a few bites (8), but didn’t get a chance to snap a photo. 

Good food.  Better company. 

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (18) – Eating Points (53) = –5

Weekly Points (49) – 5- -5 = 39

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