Monday, May 21, 2012


Sorry for the late post today.  My internet wasn’t working this morning.  After about 30 minutes of rebooting everything I gave up, only to find it working perfectly when I got home.  Figures. 

Did you see the eclipse last night?  I thought it was pretty cool.  Dan and I were at his sister’s high school graduation party where everyone was passing around a welding mask – which ended up being the perfect tool to view the eclipse with.  As we were driving home, we could even see it without the mask.  Crazy.

Every time I hear the word “eclipse” I think of the movie Little Shop of Horrors. 

Anyone else? No? 


Yesterday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill while watching the movie The Vow.  Not exactly a thrilling movie, but one I know Dan would never want to watch. 


I also tried something new and kept a bottle of water and some shot blocks with me to help me last the 10 miles.  They did seem to help and gave me that little extra umph at the end.


Breakfast was the same as yesterday.  My new favorite combo.


After I got off the treadmill and showered, Dan came home with take out Chinese.


We ate dinner at the graduation party.  The food was amazing.  Dan and I split this plate.


How cute and convenient are these? Genius. 


My favorite part was the dessert.  Check out that candy bar. 


Have a great week!

Thought for the day:

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