Wednesday, May 2, 2012

About to Pop

Last night I went over to my sister’s house - Jessie is pregnant and due tomorrow.  I told her to stick her belly out to show how pregnant she was.  So cute.


We pretty much just sat around staring at her waiting for something to happen, but of course nothing did.  Sigh.  As a consolation, I did get to feel the baby kick a few times. <3

My family was there working on some last minute painting, so I offered to pick up some dinner.  I went to KFC (click *here* for the nutritional information).  I have seen commercials about their new grilled chicken and thought it might be an easy way to feed a crowd.


It was pretty tasty.  Obviously not something I would buy everyday, but a better fast food option than most.

Before I went to my sister’s house I was starving, so I made myself a delicious fig-brie-apple pizza. 


Lunch was leftover’s from the night before.


Breakfast was another delicious batch of overnight oats.



I had full intentions of running 5 miles while watching Glee, but I couldn’t find my headphones.  Unfortunately the sound of my feet pounding on the belt drowned out the speakers and I couldn’t hear.  I just made it through 3 miles and hung up the towel.  While traveling I tried to run at least 3 miles a day, but now that I am back I need to get with it and include a few 4 and 5 milers in the week. 

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown:

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (35) = 1

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