Friday, April 20, 2012

Trail Speed Racer

Yesterday Meredith sent me a link to all the trail in Hillsborough – the town close to Chapel Hill where she lives.  One immediately caught my eye – the Occoneechee Speedway trail.


This was one of the first two NASCAR tracks to open. How cool is that?  Now, of course, it isn’t a NASCAR track.  It is overgrown with trees, and has been turned into a trail.

download (3)

However, you can still see the grandstands where the spectators watched the race. 

download (2)

I ran the loop a few times, and every time I passed the stands my pace picked up a bit.  Kind of makes you feel a little more accountable.  Hehehe.

Part of the trail also runs parallel to the Eno River. 

download (1)

At the beginning of my run I started my RunStar App and put in my headphones, but didn’t start my Pandora.  I wanted to save my battery for the first few miles.  I was completely alone of the trail, which can be a little creepy.  Apparently, the RunStar App has a “pump you up” music feature every once in a while, which I have never heard before, because I am always playing music while running the App.  This time, the “pump you up” music started playing after about 5 minutes, which to me sounded very similar to a gun shot.  Or multiple gun shots.  I literally fell to the ground a took cover before I realized that the sound was coming from my headphones.  I wish I was wearing a heart rate monitor, because I bet mine was close to 200. 

Other than that little incident, it was a beautiful, historic, sweaty, 3.5 mile run. 


I found some gorgeous, huge strawberries in Meredith’s fridge to have along with my oatmeal bar for breakfast.


I snacked on some cottage cheese with more fruit I found in Meredith’s fridge.

Lunch was leftover fajitas from the night before.


After work I started my road trip to Asheville.

I tried to save money by not getting a GPS in my rental car, thinking I would just use my phone.  However, my phone’s battery will not last 3.5 hours on GPS mode.  So I wrote the directions down old school.

download (4)

Luckily, it was pretty much a straight shot.

612 Victoria Dr, Hillsborough, NC 27278 to 173 Governors View Rd, Asheville, NC 28805 - Google Maps

I had an everything pretzel that I snatched up at the coffee shop I met Noelia for tea the day before.  It was okay, but when I see the words “everything” and “pretzel” I have pretty high expectations, and this did not meet them.


I stopped off at Subway for dinner.  The girl who made my sandwich had the cutest little Southern accent and was as sweet as pie.  I really wanted to jump behind the counter and give her a hug.


I knocked on Sarah and Ryan’s front door around 9 pm.  We chatted for a bit and caught up and  nibbled on a chocolate chip cookie (2), but not for long because sleep was calling my name.


How sweet is that?

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (7) – Eating Points (38) = -1

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (4) –Tues (4) –Wed (1)- Thurs (1) = 39

Whole wheat when possible; 100 oz of water; Multivitamin; 2 servings of dairy;5 servings of fruits and veggies; 2 tsps of oil; limit sugar and alcohol; lean protein. Not great, but better than yesterday.


  1. How awesome is that trail?! I want to go run there right now! :)

    I would've jumped at the everything pretzel as well.

  2. Wow, that trail looks so cool! How neat is that seeing all the old grandstands and stuff!

  3. What a great trail to find! I wish we had good trails around where I live.


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