Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running Buddy

Running with someone else is almost always better.  Faster.  More fun.  Safer. Better.

I started running my freshman year of college at MU with my roommate and best friend Sarah. 


(This was obviously taken before we started running.  Holy sunburn.)  We would go to chemistry in our running clothes and then hit up the 1/3 mile track after class.  We literally started at only 1/3 of a mile at a time and ssllloowwwlly built up.

On my weekends home, and during many summers and holiday breaks to come, I would run with my sister Jessie. 


She was great at challenging me, and we would always sprint the last few minutes back home.  We still get a chance, every once in a while, to hit the pavement together.

When I started pharmacy school I quickly convinced Chessa to run with me and she was a great accountability keeper. 


If she had planned to run that day, we would run.  Period.  We have run many places together – from in between classes at pharmacy school, to local races, to the mountains of Africa. 

However, because of moving around and such, I have been running solo for the past few years.  But, guess what?  Now I have a brand new running partner!  Courtney, my best friend from 4th grade who moved in down the street from me. 

Courtney is the real deal – she has ran multiple half and full marathons and even completed a full IronMan.  She is legit.  So naturally I was super pumped when she agreed to start running with me in the mornings.  Yesterday we met before the sun came up for a 5 mile run.  It was so nice to have someone to chit chat with and to warn me with there was a dip in the road.  I am currently trying to convince her to run my next half marathon with me.  We shall see…


Breakfast was a egg burrito and grapefruit sad face. 


I seared up a few chicken tenders to add to some greens for lunch. 


I snacked on some popcorn when I got home.


Dinner was a very serious buffalo chicken pizza.


I started with Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough and added a sauce of yogurt ranch dressing and Louisiana Hot Sauce.  The toppings were shredded chicken (that I boiled earlier), green onions, and 2% mozzarella cheese (for me) and cheddar cheese (for Dan). 

Served with some green beans that I roasted while the chicken was boiling. And a plastic Royals cup.  Keeping it classy.


Thought for the day

Points Breakdown

Daily points (30) + Activity Points (10)- Eating points (40) = 0

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (0) – 49

5 servings of fruits and veggies

whole grains when possible

2 servings of dairy

2 tsps of oil

lean protein

limit sugar and alcohol


Water: 100 oz.


  1. That pizza looks delish!
    I too love having a running partner, it makes the time go by faster, I run faster and usually farther..

  2. How fun! I love all of the old pictures. :)


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