Thursday, April 5, 2012

Robin Eggs

First things first – if you haven’t read my Fitnessista guest post on Weight Watchers click *here*.  There are some really good points and inspiring stories in the comments section!  I also added the text to a new tab at the top called “Why Weight Watchers?”. 

Remember how I found a nest in our of our backyard trees?  Well, now it has eggs in it!


I think those are the coolest color of blue.  I was ridiculously excited about this over the weekend, but somehow forgot to show Dan. I took him out there last night, but mama bird was there and she was not happy.  She and a few of her bird friends starting circling us within seconds.  Dan and I quickly raced inside.  Birds are cute, but also kind of scary.  

I know that we need to leave the next alone from now on – I wouldn’t want the mamma to abandon the eggs because we got too close. 

I am looking forward to seeing little baby birds (from afar) in the next 12 to 14 days!


Now I feel a little guilty about the eggs I had for breakfast.  They were pretty good scrambled with spinach and sliced bell pepper. 


Lunch was one of the most filling and flavorful I have had in quite some time.  I made *this recipe* for Thai Style Spicy Cabbage Slaw with Mint and Cilantro. 


I headed to Fo Thai after work to pick up Dan’s birthday dinner to go. I think the name of that restaurant is very clever.  It makes me think of bow-ties, faux Thai, and Pho.  Genius.

While I was waiting for our order to be prepared I saw pineapple curry gelato with the symbol indicating spiciness on the dessert menu.  I had to order it.  The bartender gave me a weird look and asked, “are you sure?" 


When the waiter brought it out he, along with the two people at the bar, watched me take my first bite.  I thought it was delicious!  It was like a frozen curry sauce with a little bit more sweetness, but just as savory and spicy.  One of the most unique foods I have tried.  After I told them that the bartender sighed with relief and said that 90% of the people who order it send it back.  Craziness.  I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite. 

I ordered oven roasted chicken with Thai eggplant and curry sauce for my dinner. 


I was really disappointed when I saw that there were no purple eggplants in there.  However, after a little research found that Thai eggplants are green.  Glad I didn’t call and complain.

Since I had dessert before dinner, after dinner I snacked on a few strawberries with Truvia while watching the birthday boy shoot some hoops. 


Then I had some popcorn before bed (6).


When looking at a few weeks ago, I noticed a loop around my house that I didn’t know existed.  Yesterday I left without my phone to go check it out.  To make a long story short, the road turned into a blocked off road, which turned into a gravel road, which turned into a gravel trail, which turned into what seemed to be abandoned train yard. Then, one of the trains starting moving and then stopped seconds later. Then it did it again.  Creepy.  I gave up on the loop and turned back around.  Based on the time I was gone, I ran a little over 5 miles.  Next time I will know to test drive any new routes from 

Thought for the day

Points Breakdown

Daily points (31) + Activity Points (10)- Eating points (40) = 1

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (2) – Tues (11) + Wed (1) = 37


  1. Great guest post on Fitnessista :)!

  2. Those eggs are!! :)

    What kind of wrap/tortilla do you use with your eggs?

  3. It is a brand called Xtreme Wellness. If you get the low carb kind, they are only 1 pp a piece, and I think they taste the same as the others.

  4. I LOVE curry, and I think that gelato sounds delish!


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