Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not So Good Luck Charm


Before I hit the road back to the Chapel Hill area, Sarah and I went to the last “must-see” place on the list.  The French Broad Chocolate Lounge.


Such a cute little place!  I ordered hot chocolate with cayenne and cinnamon and let me tell you – they weren’t stingy with the cayenne!


As Sarah and I were chatting, a man walked up and gave us 2 cranes. 


I considered it a sign of good luck. That was until I was about 30 minutes away from Meredith’s house and every single warning light on the Fiat started blinking. 

Ugh. I quickly pulled over and called Dan.  After some much needed advice and restarting the car, I discovered that only the check engine light was on.  I figured that the engine could wait 30 more minutes to be checked – kept on eye on the temperature, and drove the rest of the way without any more problems.  Except – I did see a fox and 4 deer – whatever that means. 

Other Eats

I was craving some veg for breakfast, so I got to know Ryan and Sarah’s kitchen and whipped up a broccoli and mozzarella omelet.  Served with the best, sweetest orange I have tasted in quite some time.


Lunch was more of that oh-so-good hummus. 


I stopped by Panda Express for a quick dinner on the road.


The steamed veggies were surprisingly crunchy and flavorful.  In general, I don’t like chain restaurants and will almost always pick a non-chain over a chain.  However, the one advantage of a chain restaurant is that they often list their nutritional information – like Panda Express did here. Pretty convenient. 

Yesterday was an official rest day. I had originally planned on making yesterday my rest day, but then ended up hiking over 6 miles in the mountains. Although I didn’t run, my heart rate was still elevated and there were a few times where I was (embarrassingly) out-of-breath-ish.

Thought for the day:


Points Breakdown:

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (0) – Eating Points (33) = –3

Weekly Points 49 – Mon (3) = 46

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