Monday, April 23, 2012

Mountain Hiking

In lieu of a shorter run, Sarah and Ryan proposed that we hit up one of the many trails here in Asheville for a hike.  I quickly agreed.

We drove about an hour up the mountain to Graveyard Fields – a hike that is known for its beautiful waterfalls.  Believe me, it did not disappoint.


We saw the waterfalls first, so the rest of the hike was a little anti-climactic. 


We did pass some awesome views of the mountains, many of which I think were completely lost on me. 


The path was a little rough, so I spent most of the time looking straight down at my feet, praying that I wouldn’t bite the dust. 


I came close a few times – but made  it through the 6ish miles in 2.5ish hours with only a few trips and slides.  We timed the hike perfectly.  As we started heading to our car a storm rolled in and stayed for the rest of the night.


When I arrived in Asheville while Ryan, Sarah and I were chatting about our tentative plans, Ryan insisted that one thing I needed to try – for sure – was a Home Grown chicken biscuit  Home Grown is a little restaurant in Asheville that uses only local ingredients.  Yesterday as Sarah and I were waking up, Ryan went and picked up a few for us to try. 


Sarah and I split a chicken biscuit and I chopped up some fruit salad for a side.  The fried chicken and the biscuit were both extremely  delicious.  I slightly regretted my decision to only order half.  Hehehe. 

After the hike I felt like I could eat an elephant, but instead settled on some pretzels and hummus that were left over from dinner the night before. 


One of Sarah’s friends brought over this flavorful hummus and I am newly inspired to try my own.  I wanted to eat this with a spoon, or my hand, but the pretzels did the job.

Because it was cold and rainy out we headed to Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company for dinner and a movie.

Throughout the weekend I found myself saying, “I wish we had something like this in Kansas City.”  This was one of those times.  This place is a movie theater with every other row of seats replaced with tables!  It was awesome!

I enjoyed a wonderful salad and a piece of pizza while watching the movie Wanderlust. 


The movie was hilarious, and particularly applicable as we are in the land of the hippies. 

A wonderful Sunday.

Thought for the day

Points Breakdown

Daily points (30) + Activity Points (9) – Eating Points (37) = 2

I didn’t track my points yesterday.  It happens sometimes.  I just accepted it and moved on. 

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