Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mind Games

Most of the time I have no problem convincing myself to go for a run, or to run a certain distance. But every once in a while I am just not feeling it and have to “lie to myself” in order to make things happen.  Sometimes I tell myself I am only going to run a mile, just to get my butt on the treadmill, and then I add miles one at a time until I get to my goal distance. 

Yesterday, I headed out for a 10 mile run.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning. 


Once I got to mile 6 I realized that I miscalculated my route and would end up home at about 8.5ish miles.  So, instead of adding it on at the end, I turned into a subdivision and ran an extra mile loop.  I just didn’t trust myself to not stop once I got to my house. 

The rest of the run I told myself that I could just go straight home, that 9.5 miles would be close enough, even though I knew I was going to run 10 miles.  So, just a few feet away from my front door, I turned around and ran back to the entrance of my subdivision and then back home again to make it an even 10.0 miles.  I knew I was going to do that the entire run, but told myself I didn’t have to in order to make it happen.  

Trying to explain yesterday’s thought process in a logical way makes me realize how crazy I am.  I guess I will have to accept that if crazy gets me to 10 miles, then crazy I will be. 

I am going to blame the crazy on the hills.  Check out those changes in elevation!




Before run breakfast was a yummy batch of overnight oats with Better’N Peanut Butter and bananas.


After my run I was crazy hungry and shoved breakfast in my mouth as fast as possible and I completely forgot to add something green.  I broke my Lent vow on Good Friday.  Great.


I worked from home yesterday, so lunch was hot off the stove / out of the oven.


This was my first time trying jelly on eggs with cheese and I have to say I am a huge fan.  Expect more of that in the future. 

Amazeballs were my afternoon snack.  I dare you to stop at one.


My lovely mother brought over some leftovers of my favorite childhood food.  Chicken-swiss-and stuffing casserole.  I quickly chopped up some veggies for a salad and dinner was good to go.  Thanks Mama!


After dinner we headed over to our neighbor’s house to chit chat and watch the first Royals game of the season.  I brought my baby wine.


When we got home I had the munchies, so I popped some popcorn (4) and ate a spoonful of cookie butter (2).  Shame.

Thought for the day

Points Breakdown

Daily points (30) + Activity Points (21)- Eating points (60) = -9

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (2) – Tues (11) + Wed (1) – Thurs (2)  - Friday (9) = 26

5 servings of fruits and veggies

whole grains when possible

2 servings of dairy

2 tsps of oil – only 1 tsp

lean protein

limit sugar and alcohol – I limited it, but I had some, so this doesn’t get crossed off. 


Water: 100 oz.


  1. Totally going to try the fruit spread with the eggs!

  2. That's a great picture of you with your baby..err wine. :)

  3. Awesome job on the 10 miles. What's cookie butter??

    1. Thanks Christa! Cookie Butter is deliciousness in a jar from Trader Joe's. It is pretty much spreadable cookie. Buyer beware - hard to stop at one spoonful!

  4. I discovered your blog after your guest post on I've got you bookmarked! I laughed about the cookie butter...I adore it and buy doubles when its in stock!! Question: when did you start WW? Im thinking of joining in May. How much have you lost? Smiles....thanks for you honest inspiration.

    1. Welcome! I "re-started" in January and I have lost almost 15 pounds. Slowly but surely! :) Be sure to keep in touch over if you join and how the program is working for you!


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