Monday, April 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Dan and I got home late last night to two happily wagging tails. 

It feels so great to be back – but now I am starting to think of all the things I need to do to catch up on.  First on the list – go grocery shopping.  My stomach didn’t see a fruit or vegetable all weekend, which is a huge rarity and must be fixed immediately.

Usually I try to get the most bang for my buck by eating a large volume of low calorie / points food.  Yesterday I ate a small volume of high calorie / points food. 

Breakfast didn’t happen, so we headed to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  We sat on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine.  I had the lunch chicken enchiladas verde. 


After lunch we went meandered around a few of the antique shops. 


Dan wanted everything.  My only saving grace was that we were getting on a plane in a few hours, so my number one response to, “Can I have this?” was, “It won’t fit in the overhead compartment.”  Bless his heart.

Before we went to the airport we visited a Hillsborro must – Maple View Farms.  Maple View Farms is a dairy farm / creamery that makes the best ice cream I have ever tasted. 


I had a scoop of banana and a scoop of cookies and cream and soaked up some more sun before the long plane ride home. 

I do want to say thank you to those of you who stuck with me through this crazy traveling time.  I understand the point of this blog is not to look at pictures of ice cream.  Hehehe.


Yesterday I ran a 5K on the Ayr Mount trail.  The hills were hard, but I felt great when I finished.  I passed a woman jogging with a stroller and I thought that if she could do it, then so could I. 

Thought for the day

Points breakdown

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (36) = 0


  1. I am sure you're glad to be home! Thanks for blogging while you were away and keeping me motivated! Looks like you had a great time!


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