Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Danny

Happy Birthday to my favorite stud muffin. 


Who wears girls' sweaters.

But it’s cool, he looks like wolverine, so no one will mess with him.



I already gave Dan his birthday presents a few days ago (a super exciting composter and All Star Game tickets) – we can never hold out until the actual day. 

Dan’s most recent goal is to find the best Thai crab fried rice in the Kansas City area, so I think we are going to try a new Thai restaurant tonight.  Unlike him, I enjoy trying new dishes – what would you suggest?  What is your favorite Thai dish?  I am trying to find something that impresses me more than green curry beef.  Mmmm….


Yesterday was a quickly made pina coladaish smoothie of a bunch of super greens, 2 tbs of shredded coconut, frozen pineapple, a banana, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, and 1 C skim milk. 


Drank quickly on my way out the door.

Joe the Trader made me lunch – green curry tuna with frozen broccoli.


We went over to our neighbors’ house for an amazing dinner. 

We brought the appetizers: spinach and bacon stuffed mushrooms (click *here* for the recipe).


They put out a spread. 


Courtney covered the corn on the cob with grape seed oil and Stevia – a very interesting and tasty combination.  This was my first experience with stuffed crab and I have been missing out!  The shrimp in adobo seasonings was also tasty. 

I forgot to take a picture of my wine – but I still had a small glass of malbec (3). 

I have to say that my favorite part was the strawberry cake.  I am going to find a lightened up recipe to take to Easter.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!


One of the best things about eating dinner at our neighbor’s house is walking home and enjoying a beautiful evening. 


If you look close you can see that Dan is giving me bunny ears.  Silly boy.


I didn’t run yesterday because last Tuesday was my last rest day.  Resting on week days might not be the best idea because if I don’t run I have a harder time dealing with situations that would normally be no big deal.  I was so close to an altercation with the woman at the post office before I took a deep breath and composed myself enough to walk out the door.  Not running Racheal = crazy Racheal.

Thought for the day (source)

Points Breakdown

Daily points (31) + Activity Points (0)- Eating points (42) = –11 Darn strawberry cake

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (2) – Tues (11) = 36


  1. happy birthday to danny! hope u guys have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Big Brother!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Random question, dear cousin: Where does Joe the Trader keep said green curry tuna? I was looking for it during my last visit with my dear friend, Joe, and I could not find said goodness.

    1. Hehehe. It is in the aisle that also has pasta / sauces /etc. Towards the middle. It is on the second shelf from the bottom. White box when green coloring. Buy it - you won't regret it! ;) If you can't find it just ask someone who works there - they are super awesome!

  4. Thanks guys! I will pass on the birthday wishes! ;)

  5. I love that you had to couldn't wait to do the gifts. :) Love the composter! Seriously, we loved ours in NY... haven't got one set up here yet, but it slashed our trash by more than half, and made our soil nice and rich. I think that's a great gift! Oh yes, I understand the no running= a bit crazy, I'm having one of those days today. :)


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