Saturday, April 21, 2012

FitFluential Ambassador

Guess what?  I am a FitFluential Ambassador.  What exactly is that?  Well – from their website:

About Us

What this means for me, my blog and you is that we will be connected to an awesome network of fit-tastic people and have even more good healthy living information to share!  I am really excited about this opportunity!

To join the FitFluential family (receive occasional emails about fitness related stuff), click *here*.

To apply to be a FitFluential Ambassador yourself, click *here*.

The good people at FitFluentail also suggested that I start a Twitter account.  If you have twitter and would like to follow me my name is @runningwithrach. Original, right?  I feel extremely behind the times trying to figure out this Twitter business, but I am determined to learn the etiquette and lingo. If you have any useful information and would like to help a sister out, I would be more than grateful. 


I intended on running 6 miles yesterday, but it turns out that Asheville is in the mountains.  Which means that it is hilly.  Like really hilly.  I spent the first mile running down a hill and the next mile running back up it.  After that I was lucky to get one more mile in before my shins were screaming at me.  Today = 6 miles if it kills me.


I worked from Sarah and Ryan’s house.  They have an extremely well stocked fridge and pantry.  I was like a kid in a candy store. As I had planned on running 6 miles, I had a little pre-run snack of a waffle and a sliced banana.


After my run I made a Greek yogurt parfait.


For lunch I grabbed a random leftover container from their fridge and added some broccoli.


It tasted even better from their beautiful deck. 

For dinner we ate at a very interesting restaurant called The Lucky Otter.  A nice toy shark marked our order.



I ordered a chicken satay burrito.  It was fantastic. 


Thought for the day


Points Breakdown

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (38) = -2

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (4) –Tues (4) –Wed (1)- Thurs (1) –Fri (2)= 37

Whole wheat when possible; 100 oz of water; Multivitamin; 2 servings of dairy;5 servings of fruits and veggies; 2 tsps of oil; limit sugar and alcohol; lean protein. Not great, but better than yesterday.

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  1. Congratulations! I've always wondered what was involved in being an ambassador. You'll have to let me know. :)

    The burrito looks yummy!


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