Friday, April 27, 2012

Double Take

Look who I found at the airport on Wednesday night!


I have never been so excited to see a set of fuzzy sideburns!

I have spent the last two days running from one place to the next, and didn’t find a free second yesterday to write a post. So today is going to be double the fun food and exercise. 


Breakfast on Wednesday was yogurt plus coffee pot instant oatmeal. 


I also had coffee pot instant oatmeal yesterday, but added peanut butter and washed it down with a glass of milk. 


I worked on the UNC campus both yesterday and the day before, so lunch was purchased out.  Wednesday I went to lunch with two of the girls who were in my lab at UNC – Stephanie and Melanie.  It was so great to chat with them and catch up. 


We had lunch at my favorite place in Chapel Hill.  Mediterranean Deli.  I think it is my favorite place solely because of the amazing baklava. 

Thursday I walked / ran in the rain to a building next to the pharmacy school to grab a burrito. 


Running through the rain on campus brought back so many umbrella-less memories of the year I worked here. 

Dinner both nights was also out.  Wednesday night – before we picked Dan up from the airport – we went to a French Restaurant in Durham called Vin Rouge.  It was so adorable.  I thoroughly enjoyed the French Onion soup.  Probably the best I have ever had.


I also helped Meredith munch on her beautiful tower of seafood.


Last night before dinner we played some corn hole – a North Carolina tradition.


Then we hit up one of Dan’s favorite restaurants in Chapel Hill – Pepper’s Pizza. 


Meredith and Chris.


He loves me. <3


We ordered the Ruby – jalapenos, red onions, sausage (which I picked off) and bacon (which I kept on). 


Both yesterday and the day before I woke up and drove to the old NASCAR trail and ran 3 and 4 miles. 


It is a wonderful trail but has always been completely empty when I am there.  I wonder if there is something I am missing…

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown:

Wednesday – Daily points (30) + Activity Points (8) – Eating Points (35) = 3

Thursday – Daily points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (34) = 2

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  1. I missed my Racheal fix yesterday! Glad Dan is in NC with you! P.S. All of that food looks amazing!


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