Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Compost It

As most of you know, I am shoving some type of fresh fruit or vegetable into my face about every other hour.  Along with that comes a lot of fresh waste (carrot peels, watermelon rinds, etc.) that I just hate throwing into the trash can.  It seems so wasteful. 


So, Dan got a composter for his birthday.  Isn’t that exciting for him?  (He also got tickets to the All Star Game so don’t go feeling bad for him.)


I also let him put it together while I enjoyed a cold one.  Isn’t he just the luckiest?


After reading multiple reviews on Amazon, my price – size – convenience compromise was the Soil Saver.  Apparently all we need to do is throw our fruit and veggies waste into the top and in 3 to 6 months we will have super powered soil. 

I remember my elementary school class made a composter and I learned all the things you can put in there – which I have since then forgotten.  What do you put in your composter?  Along with fruits and veggies, we plan to put egg shells and coffee grounds.  Anything else? 



Breakfast was an almost-didn’t-make-it-from-the-pan-to-the-plate broccoli and cheese omelet.  With bunny ears.  And a sliced mango.


I ate leftover kabobs for both lunch and dinner.  The combination of the shrimp, super greens, and olive oil / lemon dressing with parm was very tasty. 


I also ate dinner while watching Dan put together the composter.



Dessert was the last of the zucchini cake.


After tasting it a little more, I think I may have remembered the sugar but shredded a cucumber instead of a zucchini?  I don’t know how I could have possibly done that, but when there are multiple people in my house, Lord only knows. 

I went to bed completely satisfied, but then Dan brought popcorn up to watch the basketball game [6] and then I ate a piece of chocolate [3].


Yesterday I ran 5 miles while watching Castle.  Nothing too exciting to report.

Thought for the day

Points Breakdown

Daily Points (31) + Activity Points (10) – Eating Points (43) = –2

Weekly Points (49) – Mon (2) = 47


  1. We had kabobs a couple of weeks ago and they were so good. I think they will become part of the weekly rotation. We don't use our grill enough!
    You'll have to let me know how the composter works out. What a great idea!

  2. We also do composting! We add in bones from meat as long as they're fairly clean (i.e. not a lot of extra meat left on them). We also will throw in tissues. It's great to compost because it's not only eco-friendly but it really reduces our garbage which is important because in our neighbourhood we can only put out so many bags every other week.

    1. Such great ideas! Our bones are always clean - we don't let much meat go to waste around here. Hehehe.


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