Monday, April 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Dan and I got home late last night to two happily wagging tails. 

It feels so great to be back – but now I am starting to think of all the things I need to do to catch up on.  First on the list – go grocery shopping.  My stomach didn’t see a fruit or vegetable all weekend, which is a huge rarity and must be fixed immediately.

Usually I try to get the most bang for my buck by eating a large volume of low calorie / points food.  Yesterday I ate a small volume of high calorie / points food. 

Breakfast didn’t happen, so we headed to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  We sat on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine.  I had the lunch chicken enchiladas verde. 


After lunch we went meandered around a few of the antique shops. 


Dan wanted everything.  My only saving grace was that we were getting on a plane in a few hours, so my number one response to, “Can I have this?” was, “It won’t fit in the overhead compartment.”  Bless his heart.

Before we went to the airport we visited a Hillsborro must – Maple View Farms.  Maple View Farms is a dairy farm / creamery that makes the best ice cream I have ever tasted. 


I had a scoop of banana and a scoop of cookies and cream and soaked up some more sun before the long plane ride home. 

I do want to say thank you to those of you who stuck with me through this crazy traveling time.  I understand the point of this blog is not to look at pictures of ice cream.  Hehehe.


Yesterday I ran a 5K on the Ayr Mount trail.  The hills were hard, but I felt great when I finished.  I passed a woman jogging with a stroller and I thought that if she could do it, then so could I. 

Thought for the day

Points breakdown

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (36) = 0

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eeeww! He Kissed Her on the Lips!

Yesterday Dan and I went to an absolutely gorgeous wedding.


The ceremony was in a cute little garden with terraces and fountains.  After the bride and groom kissed and everyone cheered, it fell silent and a little boy yelled, “Eeeeww!  He kissed her on the lips!” 


Dan made friends with the harp player.


The reception was just as beautiful with the best wedding food I have ever had. Hands down. 



Austin (the groom) was in my fellowship class at UNC.  I have become friends with Tammy (the bride) since then.  Here is my entire fellowship class.  From left to right – Dr. Tran, Noelia, Justin, me, Meredith, and Austin. 


Moving away from my home and Dan for an entire year was extremely hard on me.  I can say with 100% certainty that I would not have lasted a month if it wasn’t for these fine people.  I love and miss them so much!  Although they continue to try to get Dan and I to move to North Carolina, we are trying to get them to give Kansas City a try!

After the wedding we hit up my favorite coffee shop, then a bar, and then my camera went dead.  Probably from the multiple car pictures.



Yesterday I ran 8 miles on the Ayr Mount trail. 


Holy cow, this was hard.  For the first 3 miles I was really questioning my ability to run a half marathon in a month.  Then, after I passed the 4th and 5th miles things started to seem a little easier. I think I am tired from constantly being on the go while traveling and probably not fueling my body the best I can while going out to eat most nights.  I also think that running on gravel is a bit harder than running on pavement.  

Points Breakdown

I didn’t track my points yesterday.  I wish I could say that I tried to eat lot so fruits and veggies, but I didn’t plan well and there weren’t many available.  I did, however, try to listen to my stomach and only ate when I was hungry.  I am excited to get back in the normal swing of things tomorrow!

Thought for the day:


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Locally Grown

One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina was the many restaurants that used locally grown ingredients.  Last night we ate at Panciuto, which had all the ingredients and where they were from listed on the menu.  How cool is that?


I love the saying, “Connecting bellies to farms.”  My belly was happily connected.  The food was wonderful.  We enjoyed a seared scallop appetizer.


I forgot the name of my dinner, but it was a delicious pasta dish with chicken, a poached egg, shaved asparagus, and parmesan cheese.  Perfect carb loading for a long run today.


Before dinner we went to an art walk in Hillsborough and listened to some beautiful live music. 


I took a lunch break with Chris and Dan, picked up Subway, and headed to a beautiful property called Ayr Mount.  We laid out a blanket and munched on our sandwiches. 


The boys played catch,


and then we went on a little hike and played in the creek.  I decided to wade in the water to a big rock in the middle and Simba thought that meant it was time to play. 


I was inches away from a mid-day bath. 


Dan also picked me a 4 leaf clover.  <3


Breakfast was a bowl of raisin bran.  I love cereal.


Yesterday’s run was a quick 3 mile trail run – but it was the hardest run I have done in a while.  I really hope today is better, or else these 8 miles are not going to be fun.

Also – good luck to Kim today with her 5k!  You are going to rock it out girl!

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown:

Daily Points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (44) = –8

Weekly Points 49 – Mon (3) –Tues (8) + Wed/Thurs (7) – Fri (8) = 37

Friday, April 27, 2012

Double Take

Look who I found at the airport on Wednesday night!


I have never been so excited to see a set of fuzzy sideburns!

I have spent the last two days running from one place to the next, and didn’t find a free second yesterday to write a post. So today is going to be double the fun food and exercise. 


Breakfast on Wednesday was yogurt plus coffee pot instant oatmeal. 


I also had coffee pot instant oatmeal yesterday, but added peanut butter and washed it down with a glass of milk. 


I worked on the UNC campus both yesterday and the day before, so lunch was purchased out.  Wednesday I went to lunch with two of the girls who were in my lab at UNC – Stephanie and Melanie.  It was so great to chat with them and catch up. 


We had lunch at my favorite place in Chapel Hill.  Mediterranean Deli.  I think it is my favorite place solely because of the amazing baklava. 

Thursday I walked / ran in the rain to a building next to the pharmacy school to grab a burrito. 


Running through the rain on campus brought back so many umbrella-less memories of the year I worked here. 

Dinner both nights was also out.  Wednesday night – before we picked Dan up from the airport – we went to a French Restaurant in Durham called Vin Rouge.  It was so adorable.  I thoroughly enjoyed the French Onion soup.  Probably the best I have ever had.


I also helped Meredith munch on her beautiful tower of seafood.


Last night before dinner we played some corn hole – a North Carolina tradition.


Then we hit up one of Dan’s favorite restaurants in Chapel Hill – Pepper’s Pizza. 


Meredith and Chris.


He loves me. <3


We ordered the Ruby – jalapenos, red onions, sausage (which I picked off) and bacon (which I kept on). 


Both yesterday and the day before I woke up and drove to the old NASCAR trail and ran 3 and 4 miles. 


It is a wonderful trail but has always been completely empty when I am there.  I wonder if there is something I am missing…

Thought for the day:

Points Breakdown:

Wednesday – Daily points (30) + Activity Points (8) – Eating Points (35) = 3

Thursday – Daily points (30) + Activity Points (6) – Eating Points (34) = 2

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