Thursday, March 8, 2012

YouTube Workout

I loathe lifting weights.

However, it has been hard for me to ignore everyone who claims proves strength training is an integral part of any endurance race preparation or weight loss journey.  Ugh.  

I thought about buying a workout video to ease myself into it, but those choices are endless and I get a bit overwhelmed.  Plus, the most popular workout videos include a good amount of cardio combined with stregnth training and I am not looking to replace running with anything.  I just want something in addition to running.

Then, a few days ago Gina reviewed a few workout videos on YouTube.  Genius!

Yesterday, after a 2.5 mile run, I typed "20 minute arm workout" into the YouTube search bar, and this video popped up:

It was perfect.  Bare bones.  Free.  No crazy music or girls bouncing enthusiastically in the background.  The girl on the screen preformed the move while the voice described how to do it.  

The only weight I could find in my house was a little big,

so I improvised.  

I wouldn't say this workout rocked my world or anything.  It wasn't too hard while I was doing it, but my arms are sore this morning.  I know that in the future I will have to use something a little heavier than a jar o' sauce to get anything out of it, but this was a good start.  

Breakfast was a fat free plain Greek yogurt parfait with strawberries, kiwi, and a Trader Joe's Chocolate Fiber Bar crumbled on top.

Lunch was no surprise but oh-so-good.

Dan and I tag teamed dinner with an amazing lasagna.  

While cooking, we munched on an appetizer.

I don't need to give you the recipe for lasagna, but in the mix were 3 turkey hot Italian sausage links (casings removed), 1/2 lb. of lean ground beef, a chopped onion, carton of mushrooms, and a box of frozen chopped spinach , a jar of spaghetti sauce, 9 lasagna noodles, and a carton of fat free ricotta cheese.

Dan also uses half of the spice cabinet to season anything he makes, but it usually ends up tasting pretty good.

For dessert - before and after dinner - I put a good dent into the trifle I made the night before.  This was such a good recipe, but I will not make it again until there are enough people in the house to enjoy it.  

Seriously - no self control with this stuff.  

I also munched on some chile spiced mango slices before bed (3).

Thought for the day:


Points Breakdown
Daily points (31) + Activity Points (6) - Eating Points (37) = 0
Weekly Points (49) - Mon (0) - Tues (10) - Wed (0) = 39


  1. I have an extra set of 5 pound weights if you want to borrow them. I can bring them with me tomorrow.

    1. Ummm....that would be super duper awesome!

      Thanks! You rock!

  2. You crack me up... My husband was complaining the other day because all we have is 5 pound weights, so I told him to use something around the house. He didn't believe me that people do improvise...

    1. You can use me as proof! :) Although it might be hard to find something that weighs more than 5 lbs that you can hold comfortably during the workout! Hehehe.

  3. Ha! Yep, so have had to use soup cans/jars before! It works:) And I LOVE your little inspirational quotes! -katie p

    1. Thanks! It makes me feel so much better that I am not the only one. Hahaha.


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