Monday, March 5, 2012

Tick Tock

It is starting to happen.

Even girls that are much younger than me are having babies, and therefore, baby showers.

Yesterday I went to my friend from high school's little sister's baby shower.

I caught up with some friends from high school, ate some fruit and veggies,

made a onesie,

and did not eat cupcakes, due to the debauchery the day before.

Along with watching gift opening - all the little girl baby clothes.  So stinking cute.  Little tutus and sequin shoes - I die.

Then, someone asked me how I was decorating my nursery.  Sigh.

Most of the time, my biological clock is quiet, but yesterday it was tick-tocking pretty dang loud.  Hehehe.  Don't worry.  I shut it up with some Chinese food from Bo Lings while watching the movie Due Date with Dan.  Hilarious.

Other Eats

Yesterday I ran 4.6 miles while watching Castle.  Finally caught up.

Thought for the day


Points Breakdown

Daily points (31)  + Activity Points (10) - Eating Points (34)  = 7
Weekly points (49) - Mon (1) + Tues (1) + Wed (1) + Thurs (4) - Fri (4)  - Sat (56) + Sun (7)= 1


  1. I love how your blog is set up! Seeing your meals with points is awesome. And ending with a quote is so motivating. Keep up the amazing journey :)

    1. Awww, thanks! That is so sweet. I really appreciate your support!


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