Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Portion Control

Lately, I have been enjoying an extra spoonful or two of dessert, but continuing to tell myself I only had one or two servings.  Shame.

To remedy that problem, last night I made Dan's favorite cookie pie with garbonzo beans (using Splenda for half the brown sugar) and portioned half the recipe into muffin tins with each portion being 4 points.


This didn't stop me from eating 3 servings, but it did stop me from eating three servings and saying I only ate two servings.  Hehehe.

My other portion control problem?  Wine.  I have been eyeballing what I think is 4 oz. into a glass, when in reality it has been about 6 oz.  My solution was to measure out 4 oz and mark the line with a permanent marker on my glass for the night.

No more eyeballing, but maybe a few weird stares from my guests.

Other Eats
Breakfast was also portion controlled.  I used Nutmeg Notebook's recipe for single serving veggie egg cups.

I was afraid they might run over the top, so I divided it into 18 servings. I also didn't have any turkey sausage and used low fat cheddar cheese instead of parm, but they still turned out awesome.  Now I have breakfast for the rest of the week!


For lunch I made a kale salad by modifying this recipe.  I added 2 tsp of olive oil and lemon juice to 1.5 tbs of low fat parm cheese.  Salt.  Pepper.  Kale.  Yum.

kale salad [3] + cottage cheese with pineapple [3]

As always, snacked on some butternut squash while chatting with my mom.


Dan's cousin smoked a lot of corned beef and sliced it really thin for reubens.  Add that to some roasted brussel sprouts, potatoes, and onions and you have a perfect pre-St. Patrick's Day feast.

8 oz corned beef (8), veg (1), rye bread (4) 

Yesterday I ran 3 easy miles while reading.

A wonderful way to start the week.

Thought for the Day:


Points Breakdown
Daily points (31) + Activity Points (6) - Eating Points (38) = -1
Weekly Points (49) - Monday (1) = 48

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