Thursday, March 29, 2012


Big Momma has a new pair of glasses!


I haven’t had glasses since I was in high school when my dad called me Poindexter. 


See the similarity?  Hehehe.

I have been a strictly contacts girl for years, but some recent allergy issues have me scratching my eyeballs out every afternoon.

I ordered my glasses through a company called Warby Parker and had such a great experience with them that I thought I would share the process with you.  They are an online company (although they do have a few locations in the US).

I went to their website, picked out 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home, they sent me the glasses (completely free of charge), I picked the ones I liked and sent them back (again, free of charge), ordered the pair I wanted, and voila, now I have my own pair.  The whole process took about 2.5 weeks.  I like this company because:

  1. They have great customer service.  When I called to ask a question a real live person answered the phone and was very helpful.  They also have replied to my emails in less than 5 minutes.
  2. They are relatively inexpensive.  My glasses (frames and lenses) were  $95 – which I will get back from my insurance company.
  3. They are charitable.  For every pair of glasses you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need!  (Check out their stories here.) 

It doesn’t get any better than that.  I already have my eyes on another pair – and possibly a pair of sunglasses.


Breakfast was a little desperate.  The only green items left in my fridge was a container of guacamole that expired on March 8th. 


I giggled out loud when I read “Avocado’s Number.” That is freaking hilarious. Maybe my dad was right in calling me Poindexter. I risked the expired guac on some scrambled eggs.  Very tasty.


I didn’t get a chance to eat the grapefruit until I got to work. 

download (2)

Super messy.

I was the tuna curry girl again at lunch. A great pantry – freezer standby.

IMG_0205     IMG_0199

On my way home from work, all I could think about was fig butter.  When I walked in the door I immediately made myself a fig butter snack.


Dinner was a very different experience.  We had savory oatmeal salmon hash (click *here* for the recipe).  I was a little hesitant, but am of the “don’t knock it til you try it” mindset.  It ended up being super good.    I am picturing other combos of savory oatmeal in my future – maybe guacamole oats?



Plus 2 more cookies (4) and a tbs of fig butter (1).


A beautiful outdoor run.  Here is my RunStar Ap Summary from my phone:


My speed slowed a few times to take pictures,


smell the flowers,

download (1)

and try to catch a dog who was rolling in road kill in the middle of 58 highway.  I wasn’t successful. 

Thought for the day:


Points Breakdown:

Daily points (31) + Activity Points (9) – Eating Points (40) = 0

Weekly points (49) + Mon (1) – Tues (8) – Wed [0]= 42

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  1. Cute glasses!! :) I wear contacts all day as well and sometimes it's just not happening. Like right now, we have a ton of pollen in the air down here.


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