Monday, March 26, 2012


I woke up Sunday morning at 9 am!  I haven’t slept in that late in years – which is a testament to how comfy the beds are at the Saint George Hotel in Weston, MO. 


This place is over 160 years old and just as welcoming as can be. I would not hesitate to stay there again. 

After walking around Weston for a bit we decided to grab some brunch at The Vineyards Restaurant.  Best decision we made all weekend.  After a quick glance of the brunch menu I settled on the Spicy Chicken Omelet with no cheese and extra veggies and even more spice. 


As Meghan said, this restaurant alone was worth driving back to Weston on a weekly basis. 


A reader recently asked me how I go about guesstimating the amount of points for something at a restaurant and I thought that would be worth explaining here. 

Obviously, the first option would be to look up the restaurant’s nutritional information online.  Unfortunately, most non-chain restaurants (my favorite kind) don’t list this information. 

Usually, I just try to break down the individual ingredients and add them up.  For my meal, I added the following together:

  • 3 eggs – 6 (The menu didn’t give this info, so I asked the waitress.)
  • Approximately 2 oz. of shredded chicken  - 2
  • Lots of veggies – 0
  • Hollandaise sauce – 4
  • Green beans cooked in oil – 2

I also had a piece of bread (2) and some delicious creamer in my coffee (2).

Sometimes it would be really hard to break down the ingredients, like for a baked item.  In those cases I either try to find something similar at a different restaurant which does have nutritional stats listed, or I look up a recipe for something similar and determine the information that way.

I understand that this is not anywhere near as accurate as if I were cooking at home, but in my opinion, giving it a college try is good enough. I don’t go out to eat all that often, so as long as I am conscious of what I am eating I count that as a win. 

We left the restaurant planning to go home, but as soon as we stepped into the beautiful weather and saw that Pirtle winery across the street was open, we made the last minute decision to enjoy a plastic cup of blueberry wine on the patio. 



It was hard to leave the cute town of Weston and go back to the real world. 

Other Eats

My momma came over for a wonderful grilled dinner.

We chatted and snacked on pretzels, hummus, and carrots while the grill master did his thang with a pork tenderloin.

IMG_0155            IMG_0161


Dessert was a bowl of cereal.  Dan measured out my milk for me.  What a sweetie. Smile



After hours of procrastination I set out for a long afternoon run on country roads.


Just me, the sun, the open road, and a creepy kid who tried to scare me with a turtle. 

Those roads had more hills that my legs have seen in quite some time. That 0% incline on the treadmill is really spoiling me. 


The combination of the heat, hills, and carb loading with wine and beer the day before equaled a less than stellar 9ish mile run.

Thought for the day:

Question for the day:

How do you determine the points value or nutrition information for restaurant food?  Any other good tips that I missed?

Points Breakdown:

Daily points (31) + Activity Points (18) – Eating Points (46) = 3

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  1. That omelet looks amazing!!

    I guesstimate the same way when I eat out. It's better than nothing! :)


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