Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Freezer Friendly

Typically, I try to keep my fruits and veggies on the fresh side.  However, when I got back in town from my Vegas vacation the fridge was looking bare, so the next stop was the freezer.

I always keep a few bags of frozen broccoli on hand.   Although I prefer fresh, I never have an excuse for not having a veggie with lunch or dinner. 

Breakfast was a broccoli and cheese omelet. 


I just heated up the frozen broccoli in the skillet for about 5 minutes before adding the eggs.  This flavor combo was delish – a keeper for sure.

Lunch also featured frozen broccoli and my new favorite pantry staple.  Next time you are at Trader Joe’s, do yourself a favor and pick up a few of these packets to keep in cases where a quick meal is needed. 


While digging through the freezer, I found some breaded fish-o-fillet that won the easiest dinner contest, along with a can of lima beans. 


Eating a fish sandwich always makes me think of when I first started dating Dan.  He thought it was hilarious to ask me to go to dinner by saying, “I’ll buy you a fish sandwich.” 

Other produce I think are great to always have in the freezer -corn, chopped spinach, cauliflower, berries, pineapple, peaches, stir fry mixes.  Not so good -frozen green beans and brussel sprouts.  For those I either go fresh or go with something else.  What is a must have in your freezer?  Anything else I should give a try?

Other Eats

Between breakfast and lunch I snacked on the only fresh find still in my house. an about to go bad pineapple.


I had a protein muffin for a light afternoon snack.  In a bowl I mixed together 2 tbs of whole wheat flour, 2 egg whites, 3 tbs of applesauce, 1/2 tsp of baking powder, and some coffee grinder seasonings and stuck it in the microwave for 3 minutes.  Delish.




I was so tired yesterday from traveling back home – we rolled in our driveway at about 3 in the morning.  I kept on thinking I would get a run in sometime, but before I knew it the day was over and I was asleep- at around 7:30 PM.  I will have to make up the missing run either tonight or tomorrow. 

Thought for the day (source):


Points Breakdown:

Daily points (31) + Activity Points (0) – Eating Points (31) = 0

Weekly points (49) – Mon (?) – Tues (0) = 49


  1. I love how you put the points on everything you eat. Gives me good ideas....


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