Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dead Flowers

On Wednesday I bought some fresh flowers at Trader Joe's to cheer up the casa.

Yesterday I  found them still in my car today, a little less cheery.


That was a good representation of how my day ended - negative on points and without a camera or phone.

Per usual.

It started off great, with a runny egg over left over taco salad parts.

Lunch was wonderful left over quinoa with roasted veggies and crumbled goat cheese on top.

But, afterwards I will still hungry so I had some frozen yogurt with banana, and that was where things started to slide down hill.

Dan and I went to help move some friends into the neighborhood and they had Fritos and dried berries, which I didn't take a picture of.  However, that didn't stop me from enjoying about 18 points worth.

On the way to bowling I tried to right my wrong by stopped to get some sushi, which was very tasty.

I thought this would prevent me from craving bar food, but I still had a mozzarella stick,  a pretzel, and some drinks.

Then when I got home I ate pretzels and hummus (8), a cookie (3), and jellybeans (2).  I just couldn't quench my appetite.  Finally I had to go to bed to stop the munchies.

At least we had a good time bowling.

Thought for the day


Points Breakdown
Daily points (31)  - Eating Points (87)  = -56
Weekly points (49) - Mon (1) + Tues (1) + Wed (1) + Thurs (4) - Fri (4)  - Sat (56) = -6

I am not happy about my unsuccessful day, but I don't plan on letting that ruin the rest of my weekend.   Hopefully I can earn those 6 points back on my run. :)

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