Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crowd Pleaser

Last night I had 17 people in my house.

I gave Jaeylyn - top right- my camera because I thought it would be just as safe, if not safer, than me having it. Turns out that people smile better for a cute little girl than a bossy-Racheal.  Hehehe.

We munched on taco salad,

got a little Tabu action going,

and played with my love.

Everyone brought some pretty tempting desserts that somehow found their way to my plate.  Cindy made this cookie dough, Oreo, brownie bar that I had 3 bites of and dreamt about all last night.  Yumazing.

I know I have said this before, but there is absolutely nothing better than having a house full of people you love.  Such a great way to start out the weekend!

I chose taco salad for dinner last night because it was simple, could feed a lot of people with different diets and appetites, and super fast.

I really enjoy picking meals for Dan and I to eat everyday, but when it comes to feeding a crowd, I am always at a loss. The self-induced pressure to please everyone gets to me (even though I am sure that my family would have been happy with pizza).  Then there is also the time factor.  My wonderful grandmother cooks all day to produce a feast when she is feeding a crowd, but sometimes I don't have the time.  I feel like I always go back to the staples - taco salad, spaghetti, BBQ, etc.  I need to mix it up.

What is your go-to crowd pleasing meal?

Other Eats
Breakfast was a two-parter:

Lunch was grilling leftovers from the night before (6).  It appears that Dan and Brad "taste-tested" half my chicken.

I also snacked on a mini Luna bar (2) and another baked oatmeal (3) sometime in there.

Although I don't have a half marathon in the near future, I don't want to lose my built up endurance.  So, I have made an executive decision to suffer through one 10 mile run each week, so that I will be half-marathon ready when the time does come.  (I signed up for one in June, but I am really considering one in May also)

Yesterday I ran 10 miles while watching back to back episodes of Castle.  Turns out, when you don't have princesses, tutus, glitter, and castles to entertain you, 10 miles is pretty dang hard.  My rest day tomorrow will be well earned.

Thought for the day: (inspired by my friend Chessa)


Points Breakdown
Daily points (31) + Activity Points (21) - Eating Points (56)  = -4
Weekly points (49) - Mon (1) + Tues (1) + Wed (1) + Thurs (4) - Fri (4) = 50

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