Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bake Sale Sabotage

When I opened up my work email yesterday morning I saw a bright and cheery note announcing a bake sale in the cafeteria to raise money for an eleven year old girl with a congenital heart defect.

How could I turn that down?  I hopped on the elevator and pressed the down button before I could say / think youprobablyshouldn'tgodownthereandbuyanythingbecausethenyouwilleatitallandbeveryverysorry.

When I shop at bake sales, I generally try to buy something that I don't make at home.  I have seen a few recipes for Irish soda bread floating around the internet, so when the woman behind the table announced that she used the "healthy" recipe for hers I pounced.  I tried to ignore the bright green icing that covered the rest of the table.

I sat the loaf on my desk without giving it much thought until I was chatting with a coworker later in the afternoon and pinched off a nibble -- just to see what it tasted like.


Before I knew it 1/4 of the loaf was gone.  And then I ate another 1/4 after my run.

Sigh.  The silver lining is that I now know I love Irish soda bread, and can't wait to make some of my own.  I am eyeballing this recipe.

Other Eats
I am loving the premade egg cups for breakfast.  It makes my morning so much easier.  I also had 1/4 cup of granola (3).

Lunch was kale salad (2 tsp of EVOO, 2 tsp of lemon juice, 1.5 tbs parm cheese, salt, pepper, kale) topped with last night's left over grilled chicken.

Due to my carb loading afternoon, I kept dinner carb-less and simple.  Roasted green beans, mushrooms, and a seared tuna steak.

I also ate a few packages of jelly beans for dessert (4).  Life is all about balance, right?

My alarm didn't go off yesterday, and because of daylight savings time my internal clock has not reset itself yet, so my run was postponed until after work.  When this happens I make it a point to change into running clothes and jump on the treadmill as soon as I cross the front door threshold, or else I somehow end up on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother reruns and stuffing Irish soda bread in my face.  Somewhere in there I manged to quickly busted out 3 miles while reading The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes.

Thought for the day:


Points Breakdown
Daily Points (31) + Activity Points (6) - Eating Points (39) = (-2)
Weekly Points (49) - Mon (1) - Tues (0) - Wed (2) = 46


  1. I've never had Irish soda bread - but I would do the exact same thing that you did w/ the whole "just a bite thing" ha! Good job running after work! I probably woulda plunked down & gone for How I Met Your Mother instead:) Have a great day!!

    1. Hahaha...I thought it was pretty good...obviously! You should try the skinnytaste recipe I linked above.

      Have a great day too! :)


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