Saturday, February 11, 2012

Training Plan Change

I chose not to follow any type of training plan for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, other than increasing my long runs by a mile every other week.  So, I had every intention of busting out another 11 miles yesterday, until a new friend alerted me to this little snippet on Facebook
I have been training for the Disney Princess Half on February 26, and I finished my longest training run on Friday - 10 miles. I ran 5 miles on Sunday and felt fatigued the entire run. What would you recommend for these last few weeks before the race? I want to be able to run the 13.1; should I do a 12 mile training run over the weekend to feel better prepared for it? Thanks for all of your help!

Coach Jenny: Hi Patty. A 10-miler is plenty of training for the Princess Half - with two weeks to go, it is better to taper and refresh than to train longer this week.
When you taper, you allow your body time to heal from the demands of the training season and toe the line in healthy, vital condition. Sometimes our minds get in the way during taper madness, and try to convince us to run more, faster, longer, higher, in new clothes, with people you don't like etc...

One way to taper your mileage is to run long 8 miles this weekend and 6 miles the next weekend. Gradually decrease your weekly training next week and race week run 3-4 times easy and short. Good luck! CJ

Not wanting to hurt myself, I changed my plans to run for 84 minutes at about the same time that I found this  beauty in my iTunes account:

Be still my show-tunes-loving-heart.  I even downloaded the 3D version, but was too scared to wear the glasses while running. It is a miracle I stay on the treadmill most days--adding fireworks shooting towards me would be pushing my luck.

I think I have come on to something here.  Running + "live" concert = PUMPED.  So pumped, in fact, that I alternated the treadmill speeds between 6.0 to 6.5 mph.  In the end I had run 8.8 miles in 84 minutes which is ~ a 9:30 minute mile average.  Maybe next week I will run to Mama Mia!

Long run days = two breakfasts days.  Love it.

Pre-run breakfast: Alternative bagel (3) with Better n Peanut Butter (1) 

 I had a little container of Yoplait Key Lime Greek yogurt patiently waiting in my fridge to add to my next smoothie after reading *this recipe.*  Maybe it was because I added everything but the kitchen sink, but I didn't even taste the key lime and it added considerably more carbs than plain Greek Yogurt.  Bummer.

Smoothie with: key lime Greek yogurt (4),  banana, crushes pineapple, C of coconut milk beverage (1), scoop of vanilla protein powder (2), T Chia seeds (1), 1/2 C frozen spinach

Lunch, dinner, and dessert were repeats from earlier this week.  Big Mommna doesn't waste any food.

Lunch 1.5 C white chicken chili (9), fruit

My Friday night was super crazy.

I popped some popcorn (7), changed into the PJs  JFO gave me after hearing about my Princess Minnie Costume plans (Thanks Momma!),

ate more leftovers,

chicken tikka masala (7) and rice (6)

played with the pups,

and ate crack mango slices (9).  Like I said, super crazy Friday night.

Last, but not least, the winner of the iTunes gift card giveaway is Kim from Kickin' It with Kim,

LOL..that picture is hilarious! I had the same music on my iPod for almost a year! Around Christmas time I finally downloaded some new music. I listen to country a lot, so I really wasn't familiar with a lot of the new Top 40 stuff. (Hello old) LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem always gets me pumped up! I also have a few Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs.

This is absolutely perfect because is a new friend and she promoted my giveaway on her blog!  I <3 random number generators!  Thanks to everyone for your great ideas!  I can't wait to start downloading.

Thought for the day:

Daily points (31) + Running Points (18) - Eating Points(51) = -2
Weekly points (49) - Monday (4) - Tuesday (0) - Wednesday (0) - Thursday (7) - Friday (2) = 36


  1. Yeah for you and Glee ROFL and another yeah for KIM, well deserved :) Enjoy !

  2. Yay, I never win anything!! Thank you! :)


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