Monday, February 20, 2012

That's How the Cookie Crumbles

A few weeks ago I volunteered to donate some cookies to a bake sale for charity. I wanted to give a healthier version, so yesterday I decided to give SkinnyTaste's low fat chocolate chip cookies a try (click *here* for the recipe).

I followed her directions exactly, but the cookie cards were not in my favor.  Instead of cookies I got a thin layer of chocolate chip "squares."  

They tasted fine enough, but this isn't exactly the picture that is going to motivate people to donate to charity.  It looks like I may have to give a few more recipes a try.  I will need some taste testers, so please come over for dessert.

I had a square folded for breakfast and licked the batter bowl clean.

After church we went to Mi Publito's with Ryan and Hannah and their kids.  I ordered a chicken fajita salad minus the shell and the sour cream.  

The food and entertainment from the kids were great.

Dinner was skunk butt leftovers.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I had dessert twice yesterday, and both times it was absolutely amazing.  You will probably see this picture the rest of the week.  

Fat free vanilla frozen yogurt + choc chip square + banana = heaven.


Yesterday was a rest day, but because the weather was so nice, I made it an "active" rest day.  Dan and I loaded the pups in the car and drove to Longview Lake for a little trail hike.  

We wandered around for about an hour.  

Dan even started jogging every once in a while.  I loved running with him and the dogs.  

A good day.

Thought for the day:


Daily points (31) + Walking Points (2) - Eating Points (37) = -4
Weekly points (49) - Mon (5) - Tues (10) + Wed (2) - Thurs (0) - Fri (2) -Sat (11) -Sun (4) = 19

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  1. beautiful blue sky in that picture! i've definitely had my share of cookies turn out like that, too :)


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