Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take-Out Fake-Out

It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno homemade, but you would never believe it!

Last night's dinner was Mongolian beef (click *here* for the recipe).  I swear it tasted just like I had scooped it out of a little white cardboard box.

I have to give Dan the credit for the steak prep.  He tenderized it to perfection.

Dinner: Mongolian beef (8) white rice (5) and broccoli 

After dinner I was ready for my fortune cookie, but those don't come with homemade Asian food. Instead, I made Emily's lemon blueberry muffins (click *here* for the recipe).

Lemon Blueberry Muffin (9)

These were absolutely amazing and made me think of summer.  It was very hard to only eat three.  The recipe called for 24, so please come to my house and eat the rest of them before I do. :)

Yesterday I busted out 4.9 miles while watching the Michael Jackson episode of Glee.


MJ made the time fly by.  Today is a little bit of sprints and tomorrow is 11 miles.  Holy cow.

Other Eats

Breakfast: Greek yogurt (2), All-Bran (3), banana, raspberry fruit spread (1)

Lunch and snack: yesterday's left over chicken burger sandwich with goat cheese (6), butternut squash soup (2), fruits and veggies

Thought for the day


DP (31) + RP (11) - EP (36) = 6

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  1. Dinner and the muffins both look amazing! *adding to list*


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