Friday, February 10, 2012

Racheal v. Food

Last night was one of those moments when I regretted making the decision to share what I eat with others.  Or, not exactly what I eat, but how much I eat.

Dan and I sat down to watch some TV and while flipping through the channels he stopped at Man vs. Food.


Not exactly the perfect show for a girl who is trying to change lifestyles. But, when given the option between extreme eating and hillbillies trying to catch alligators, I chose the lesser of two evils.

After 30 minutes of peanut butter pies and sandwiches topped with mac and cheese, I was literally salivating and had this overwhelming desire to feel full.  Like really full.  Like can't fit anything else in my stomach full.

So, I ate an entire head of cabbage.


More specifically, an entire head of roasted cabbage with lime peanut sauce. (Click *here* for the recipe).  The cabbage was wonderful, and would be perfect for a side to an Asian dish.  Not so perfect for an entire meal, but it fulfilled my desire to feel full.  It also fulfilled my bladder.  Cabbage must have a lot of water in it, because I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night scrambling to the bathroom.  (TMI?  Sorry, moving along.)

Other Eats

Breakfast: 1 C LF Cottage Cheese (4) with crushed pineapple (0) and a fiber bar (3)

Lunch: 1.5 C chicken chili  (9), veggies and fruit (0)

Yesterday I stopped by Trader Joe's before work to pick up a few things.  The place was empty and it was so nice to casually look around.  I started chatting with a few of the employees, and they introduced me to a few of their favorite things.  I left with a cart full of new items to try, one of which was this Chile spiced dried mango.

6 servings (18) 

This stuff is like crack.  At least, that is my excuse for why I started snacking on this after work, and even managed a few more nibbles after the aforementioned head o' cabbage, and before I knew it 2/3 of the package was gone.  I totally dipped into my weekend / wine points budget, but it was worth it.

Yesterday I repeated the same sprint work out I did last week and the week before that.  I love the intervals because they really push me to my speed limit, but then I get a good rest in before I have to start again.  Maybe next week I will try to increase the speeds to 9.5 / 9.0 / 8.5.  Yikes.

Thought for the day:


Daily points (31) + Running points (6) - Eating points (44) = -7
Weekly points (49) - Monday (4) - Tuesday (0) - Wednesday (0) - Thursday (7) = 38


  1. We watch Food Network all of the time and it does nothing but make me HUNGRY! I've never roasted cabbage, I will have to try that. I usually sautee it with some EVOO, salt and pepper. YUM!

    You will be here in 2 weeks!!! :D

    1. I don't know why we put ourselves through such torture, but it is like watching a train wreck. Hehe.

      This is going to be a very long two weeks...can't wait!

  2. We dont get food network here in Holland which is maybe a good thing ROFL. I think you do awesomely to tell to the whole wide world what you eat and how much of it ! You are and example to the rest of us LOL. Just out of much sugar was in the unsweetend mango ?
    Thanks for sharing !
    Jacquie (the diet trail)

  3. That is for sure a good thing! Awww, thanks!

    I am pretty sure it is sweetened, just unsulfated. Each serving has 21 g of sugar--I don't know how much of that is from the mango and how much is from the crystals on top.


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