Monday, February 13, 2012

The Perfect Valentine

Yesterday at church Dan and I listened to a minister talk about developing and maintaining a successful marriage.  The last time we heard that same minister talk about marriage was at our wedding, almost 4 years ago.

Even though the church was full, I felt like he was speaking directly to me.  He reminded me of so many things he had already told me on that beautiful June day.  I left there with a heart full of hope, a huge smile on my face, holding hands with the man I know I am going to happily spend the rest of my life with.  That was just the Valentine's Day present that I needed.

OK enough with the sappy stuff. I painted my nails for Valentine's Day--which lasted just long enough to take that picture.  Now my thumb has a broken heart.  Sad.

For breakfast, I took advantage of the extra time and make protein pancakes (click *here* for the recipe).  The only modification I made was using whole wheat flour instead of baking mix and I also added blueberries.  Although they didn't really stay in pancake form and I had to cook them more like scrambled eggs, they were very yummy, extremely filling, and will be returning to the breakfast scene often.

Lunch was leftovers from the night before.

Dinner was just a few snacks here and there.  Please don't judge me about the cake batter.  As long as there is some left in the fridge, I will grab a few spoonfuls after every meal.  The good news is that Dan sent a good size container of it to a friend's house. Now it is their problem.

Yesterday I caught up on New Girl and ran 5.4 miles.  Aumlette and Lily wanted to run, but it was too cold outside, so they took a well deserved break.

Thought for the day

Daily Points (31) + Running Points (11) - Eating Points (38) = 4  Excited to end the week on a positive note!

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