Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pantry Makeover

When I talk to people about making healthy meals, they often ask how I find the time.  My answer is, that I don't really have the time.

I am usually throwing breakfast / lunch / dinner together in between 3 other tasks and once the food is done I leave the kitchen in shambles behind me.

That is how, after living in my house for only 7 months, my pantry looks like this:

Although I am not a neat freak, it was getting a little ridiculous.  I would spend 5 minutes looking for something, not find it, go buy another one, and then find it later when I was spending 5 minutes looking for something else.

So, yesterday I set out to organize my pantry.  It is amazing what that little closet holds.  I had every square inch of my counters and a lot of my floor covered.

The result was so nice.  I have opened the door at least 10 times to stare in admiration.  Look at all of those empty shelves!  Now I can go grocery shopping...

For breakfast I gave into temptation and added Hannah's blackberry cobbler to my Greek yogurt.  An amazing way to start the day.

For dinner we met our friends Meg and Nigel at Spin! Neapolitan pizza.  Oh my goodness, this place was tasty and economical.  I had a glass of wine, a side salad, and a small pizza for a little under $12.  

This restaurant also lists all of their nutritional information and even calculates "dietary points" for all of their menu items.  My kind of place.

Afterwards, we headed to Yogurtini.  I had Thin Mint Cookie and Chocolate.  Toppings not necessary.  Glorious.

As always, it was great to see the Mountains.  My cup runneth over. But not as much as Dan's (see above).

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but it was so nice outside and the sidewalks were calling my name. So, before dinner I ran a slow and refreshing 3.8 miles.

Thought for the day

Daily points (31) + Running Points (8) - Eating Points (50) = -11
Weekly points (49) - Mon (5) - Tues (10) + Wed (2) - Thurs (0) - Fri (2) -Sat (11) = 23

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  1. Jealous x1million of your pantry!! Our cabinets are stuffed and that's only with stuff we actually use.


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