Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Yo' Momma's Cookies

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year I kept it simple and made Dan a card and sent some no-bake cookies with him to work.

No- bake cookies are Dan's absolute favorite cookie.  Of course they are.  I love to bake.  No-bake cookies don't require baking.  He takes the joy out of everything.  Hehehe.

When Dan and I first started dating he expressed his love for no-bake cookies early on.  Because I was young, in love, and wanted to make him happy, I tackled the first recipe I could find (I didn't even own measuring cups).  I was so excited to give Dan his favorite cookie and couldn't wait for his reaction.

He took one bite and said, "these don't taste like my mom's no-bake cookies."

I swore to never make no-bake cookies again.  If he wanted some he could "go to his mom's house."  Then, a few years later, when I wanted to do something special for Dan, I tried them again.  This time he took one bite and said, "these are the best cookies I have ever tasted."

Isn't it funny what boys can learn after a few years?
Breakfast was a super filling parfait.

I grabbed a microwave tuna packet for lunch.  Mmmm....this was so good, but only about 1/3 C of food.  My stomach is used to volume (see above).

So, when I got home from work, I had no choice but to finish off the cake batter.

Dinner was comfort food at it's finest. (Click *here* for the meatloaf recipe.)

After dinner I wasn't planning on eating dessert, but then Dan brought some some Diet Coke cake.  I only meant to take one bite, but then the whole plate mysteriously disappeared.  (Thanks Heidi!)

Two forms of cake in one day?  Happy pre-Valentine's Day to me.

I ran 3 miles with the "hill" setting on my treadmill fluctuating from 2 to 6 incline. Whew!  By the end of those 3 miles my booty was burning.

Thought for the day:


Daily points (31) + Running Points (6) - Eating Points (42) = -5
Weekly points (49) - Mon (5) = 44


  1. The cookies look really good! I've never tried the no bake.

    1. They are really good, but there was a reason I didn't post the recipe--they are not WW friendly. :) I think there is a SkinnyTaste version though...


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