Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nail Biter

I hate suspense.  It makes me miserable.  I refuse to watch scary movies and even fast forward through the rose ceremony at the end of each episode of The Bachelor.

Naturally, close sporting events are not my cup of tea. I remember watching a few of my sister's little league basketball games when I was younger and actually leaving the stands to go hide in the bathroom until I heard the final buzzer.

So, last night's MU vs. KU basketball game had me cringing to the final seconds.  But, the happy ending was worth the torture.

Run little birdie, run.

Ashley and Brady came over to our house to watch the game and veg out on some Kendrick-ified Greek food.

Wine (8) and hummus, pretzels, and veggies  (13)

Dan cooked up the gyro meat and I made the tzatziki sauce following *this recipe* and a Greek salad by throwing lettuce, tomatoes, peeled / de-seeded cucumbers, red onions, olives, and feta cheese in a bowl.  (Dan's hair is a little wild because he just woke up from a nap.  Hehehe.)

Gyro plus salad (23)

It was a great night at home with friends, but after the basketball game the TV changed to boxing and I fell asleep.  When I woke up our guests were gone.  Oops.  Hostess with the mostess over here, ladies and gentlemen.

Other Eats
Breakfast and lunch were both leftovers from dinner the night before.

Breakfast: deep dish cookie pie (7) plus dips into the pan throughout the day (7)

Lunch: Lettuce with rice, black beans, and corn on top (7).

Thought for the day:


Daily Points (31) + Extra Weekly Points (49) - Eating Points (65) = 15

Looks like it is going to be a pretty light Super Bowl Sunday.  :)

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