Friday, February 17, 2012

My Favorite Rooster

When Chessa and I went to Africa, the king of the village we lived in sent our group a chicken as a welcome gift.  The wonderful woman who cooked our meals tied the chicken directly outside our bedroom window, where it would wait until white meat was one the dinner menu.

Although it was a great present, this chicken thought it was a rooster, but didn't know exactly how to be a rooster.  Its internal clock was a little off.  Every morning about an hour before the sun came up, that thing was cock-a-doodle-doing right outside our bedroom window.  

I hated that chickenrooster.

But, I LOVE this rooster.


My life was so dull until Sriracha came in and spiced it up.  I add it to everything, and plan to add it on some froyo during my next trip to Yogurtini.

My favorite rooster added a little flava to breakfast and lunch yesterday.  I found a stray Garden Lite in my freezer and threw it in my bag to eat at work.  (This is the bottle I keep in my office for lack-of-flavor-emergencies.)

After work I headed to a local community college to talk to pre-pharmacy students about my job. ( I ate some WW samples that I had in my car (5).)  Talking to people who are working towards so many goals and plans is always  inspiring and makes me feel a little inadequate.  But that was just the motivation boost I needed to get some extra-side projects done.

I didn't get home until around very close to my bedtime (I am not going to admit how early that was).   I inhaled dinner (leftovers) and dessert in 5 minutes.

I am developing a serious 2% milk addiction.  I need an intervention.

As always, Thursday was sprint day.  I really tried to increase my speed to 9.5 mph, but after one 30 second interval I thought I would fall off the treadmill and stuck to 9.0 for the remaining intervals.  It was still a quick and sweaty 3 miles.

Thought for the day:


Daily points (31) + Running points (6) - eating points (37) = 0
Weekly points (49) - Mon (5) - Tues (10) + Wed (2) - Thurs (0) = 36

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