Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skunk Butt

Everyone has a few go-to recipes.  For my mom, when I was little, it was tuna noodle casserole.

Can you blame her? It was an easy, filling, nutritious, economical, one dish meal that everyone in my family would eat.   If I had 3 small children and a full-time job you would be lucky to get a frozen pizza out of me.

One month in particular, my mom had made tuna noodle casserole more often than usual and my father, who wanted some variety, loving mentioned that we were having the same thing for dinner all the time and even though he loved tuna noodle casserole, he couldn't eat it anymore. He then started referring to it as Skunk Butt. 

I have no idea where he came up with that name, but it stuck.  From then on, if someone in my family made something a lot, eventually it reached  Skunk Butt status.  As I grew older, we got all the way up to Skunk Butt 5 (which is still one of my personal favorites).

Last night, I made my first official Skunk Butt - pernil pork.

Last week at church we met up with some old friends, Ryan and Hannah, and invited them over for dinner.

I automatically knew I would make pernil because it is super easy.  You put everything in the crock pot the night before, turn on the crock pot before work, and when you get home it is finished.  Throw some rice in the rice cooker and some black beans on the stove, and you have yourself a meal.  Or, in my case, after making it 10 times in the last  4 months, a Skunk Butt meal.

Even though I am going to put this recipe on the back burner for a while, you should make it immediately.  I promise it won't taste anything like a skunk.  Or a butt. (Click *here* for the recipe).

We had a great night catching up with Ryan and Hannah and laughing so hard our sides hurt.  Hannah brought a wonderfully delicious blackberry cobbler for dessert.  She was kind enough to give me the recipe so I could (1) make it again and (2) calculate the nutritional value.

She left the remains at our house.  I am seriously thinking about having some for breakfast.

Other Eats
Before / after run breakfasts:

Remember how  I loved my new tuna find, but it didn't fill me up?  This time I added it to an entire bag of frozen mixed veggies.  It was absolutely wonderful. This is the perfect last minute lunch grab.  I am going to keep a full stock in my pantry / freezer.

Yesterday was my last long-ish run before the half marathon.  I ran 8 miles while catching up on New Girl and The Parenthood.  It left me pretty tired, but hopefully I will be able to had 5 miles on to that next week.

Thought for the day


Daily points (31) + Running Points (17) - Eating points (50) = -2
Weekly points (49) - Mon (5) - Tues (10) + Wed (2) - Thurs (0) - Fri (2) = 34

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