Friday, February 3, 2012

Coffee Shop Talk

I rarely go into a coffee shop.  Between my Keurig at home and the coffee machine at work, buying coffee is the equivalent of throwing my money out the window.

But, yesterday I had some time to spare and a Starbucks gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so I stopped by the closest one to my work, before work, to, um, work.


This place was packed!  I grabbed a place in a long line, so far back that I couldn't read the menu.  Then, a woman from behind the counter yelled at me,
Mam, can I take your order?
I panicked.  I had no idea what I wanted, but I didn't want to look like an idiot, so I ordered the only thing I order at coffee shops.  An iced drink.  In February.  Genius, Racheal.
Me: Iced Americano, please
Sbucks: Size?
Another panic.  I remembered that the sizes were weird, but the only one I could remember was tall.
Me: Tall, please
Sbucks: Broom?
Me: What?
Sbucks: Room?
Me: Excuse me?
Sbucks: Room? As in, do you want room for creamer?
Me: Oh, sorry, yes please.
I don't think I convinced anyone there that I was a Starbucks expert.  And, the tall size I ordered was the smallest cup in the world!  I would NEVER describe that cup as "tall."

I sat at the only empty table and whipped out my laptop and my breakfast, which I took of a picture of with a camera that didn't have a memory card.  (Obviously, this hasn't been my day so far).  My breakfast was a Greek Yogurt parfait with blueberries, raspberry spread, and one of the lemon blueberry muffins I made the night before (6).

It was great watching / listening to all the people around me.  There was a business meeting to my left, a young couple who was having a rough morning after in front of me, and a few young guys having a deep (and I mean deep) religious conversation to my right.

Other Eats

Lunch: lightened up buffalo chicken dip (5) [3 oz cooked chicken breast, 2 wedges of blue cheese LC, 1/4 C Greek yogurt, 1/4 C hot sauce all mixed together and microwaved] with carrots and 34 crackers (1)

Snack: 3

Dan made chicken parmasean for dinner last night.  I have no idea how he made it, but it was wonderful.  He also kept measured anything that he added that would "add points."  (I think he is a keeper.)  It amazes me how he can make something so wonderful without following a recipe.  

Dinner (17)

My friend Karen read about my love for cookie butter, and sent me a COOKIE BUTTER CHOCOLATE BAR to work.  (Thanks Karen!  You are the best!) Are you kidding? It isn't fair that these things exist.  That little bar was staring at me all day on my desk.    But I had bigger plans for it:

Cookie butter oatmeal (6)

Yesterday's sprints was similar to the interval work I did last Thursday, expect I added some hill climbing to the end of the long 7 minute cool down. The combination of sprinting and then hill climbing kicked my bootay and I am pretty sore today.  Good thing I have 11 miles to get all of that out of my system. If no one hears from me after 9 am today, please go to my house and check for my lifeless body in the basement. Hahaha.

Happy Friday!

Thought for the day:

DP (31) + RP (6) - EP (38) = -1

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  1. Too funny about your trip to Starbucks, I think I would have done just about as good as you did!

    Really delicious looking meals and how awesome that someone cooks for you! I always think food tastes better when someone cooks for me.

    Have a great weekend.


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