Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bird Food

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Yesterday, I added a little somethin' extra to my overnight oats:

Chia seeds!

A few days ago when Dan was rummaging through the pantry he gave me a weird look and asked, "Why did you buy bird food?"  Ha!  he then starting singing the "Chi Chi Chi Chia" Chia Pet song, which I thought was silly, until I found out that they are the exact same seeds.  Ka-razy.


I have always thought the animals were kind of cute, but the people heads totally creep me out.

I know I am a little late to the chia seed party, but better late than never. If Dr. Oz recommends them, you know they must be required for life to continue  Hehehe.

These little suckers pack a ton of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.  They also added a nice flavor and texture to my overnight oats and left me feeling a little extra full.  Next step: put them in my green monster.

Yesterday I watched the Ricky Martin / Latino episode of Glee and I livin-da-vida-loca-ed my way through 4.8 miles.  Why can't a new episode of Glee be on everyday?

Other eats:
Overnight oats--notice the bird food...


Lunch: left-over white chicken chili, carrots, radishes, an apple (9)

I added cinnamon and Splenda to my afternoon popcorn.  It was everything I could hope for and more.  Do this the next time you pop some popcorn.


For dinner, I had high hopes for the chicken tikka masala I had thrown in the crock pot that morning (click *here* for the recipe).  I had a serious hankering for Indian food. But, this didn't do the trick.  It wasn't bad, and probably tasted like authentic Indian food, but that wasn't what I wanted.   I wanted Americanized-Indian food.  Sigh.

Rice (6) and chicken tikka massala (6)

I will be stuck with it for leftovers for the next few days.

Dessert: All Bran with 2% milk (8)

Thought for the day:


Daily points (31) + Activity Points (10) - Eating Points (41) = 0


  1. Okay, Splenda + cinnamon on popcorn sounds super yum. Suddenly, I'm hungry. :)

    Chia seeds?! For real? I'm down for the protein/fiber combo, though. I add some milled flax seed to smoothies/cereal/yogurt sometimes, too.


    1. I have heard they add a similar taste / texture as flax, but I haven't tried flax seeds, so I can't be sure. :)

      Seriously...try the Splenda and cinnamon on the popcorn. You won't be sorry! :)

  2. Well Chia and flax sound like bird seed to me ROFL :) May my curry is more what you were looking for hahahaha. I must admit it looks very saucy, not much bite to it or is that just the way the photo is taken ??

  3. It was very saucy, but that wasn't the problem. Those chicken breasts seems to shrivel to nothing in the crock pot all day. It was just missing that extra something in flavor that I usually expect.

    I will be making your curry very soon! :)


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